• Wireless Biomedical Theranostic System on a Chip

      Medical Devices FutureTech Wireless Biomedical Theranostic System on a Chip

      This project designs a biomedical theranostic chip for neural disorders. It can not only function as an implantable device for treating the Parkinson's disease, depression, dementia, but also monitor physiological signals in wearable devices. For the development of medical device, the NeuLive system based on the microchip can accelerate the pre-clinical data collectionverification.
    • Ultra-Efficient Microfluidic Sperm Sorter

      Medical Devices FutureTech Ultra-Efficient Microfluidic Sperm Sorter

      We developed a new type of microfluidic chip with utilizing the characteristic of sperm anadromous instinct for high-throughput sperm separation. The process can be finished in 10 min, which is 10 times faster than the conventional design. Experiment reveals that the qualified sperm motility was raised up from 30 to 99linearity (LIN) up from 0.2 to 0.85 via sorting by our microfluidic chip.
    • Flexible PPG sensor patch

      Medical Devices FutureTech Flexible PPG sensor patch

      A flexible PPG sensor patch for measuring pulsations of blood vessels estimating ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). The measured quality PPG signals are analyzed to estimate blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR), blood oxygen (SpO2)atrial fibrillation (A-Fib)avoid motion artifacts. In this way, with subject’s physiological condition apprehended accurately.
    • Microfluidic motile sperm separation sorter

      Medical Devices FutureTech Microfluidic motile sperm separation sorter

      The microfluidic chips have been used to sort human motile sperms based on the phenomena of laminar flow. The sorted sperms would be fertilized to form the embryo by using in intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The prototype of chips have been developed in the lab under National Tsing Hua University. Furthermore, the mass production has been conducted by Ritek to accomplish the disposable chips
    • A legendary luminous nano-pearl

      Medical Devices FutureTech A legendary luminous nano-pearl

      The chromium-doped zinc gallate, ZnGa2O4:Cr3+, material is viewed as a long-lasting luminescent phosphor which can avoid tissue autofluorescence interference for in vivo imaging detection. The cubic ZGC revealed a specific accumulation in liver0.5 Gy used at the end of X-ray excitation was sufficient for imaging of deep seated hepatic tumors.
    • Rapid diagnostic device for monitoring the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue

      Medical Devices FutureTech Rapid diagnostic device for monitoring the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue

      This rapid diagnostic device for monitoring the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue is expected to allow women to detect whether VEGFIL-6 are too high at home in a simplerapid manner. These two factors are also increasing in some gynecological cancers. Through the new device, it is convenient for women to self-monitoring women physiologically-relevant diseasespossible causes of abnormal bleeding in the future,seek appropriate medical treatment early.
    • IoT of food allergen detector system

      Medical Devices FutureTech IoT of food allergen detector system

      Our IoT of food allergen detection system has high sensitivityspecificity by magnetic nano-beads with advanced material coating. This advanced material successful inhibit biofouling in biosensor system. Other than this, Our system combine nanotechnology, biotechnology, IoTAI model. Device is small any easily carry to anywhere.
    • Devicemethod for a piggyback intravenous drip frame with balance control

      Medical Devices Innotech Expo Devicemethod for a piggyback intravenous drip frame with balance control

      Due to the inconvenience of the conventional drip frame, this invention applies fuzzy control logican inverted-pendulum system to build up a reliable system, which facilitates patient mobilityensure safety with compensating the inclination angle of the piggyback intravenous drip frame based on the motion information of the patient.

      Medical Devices Innotech Expo SPERM SORTER AND SPERM SORTING METHOD

      The present sperm sorting chip utilities the upstream swim characteristic of sperms in appropriate fluid velocity to achieve up to 80 high motility sperm yield for infertile males in just 40 minutes
    • Multi-functional bio-sensor chip

      Medical Devices Innotech Expo Multi-functional bio-sensor chip

      The developed multi-functional bio-sensor chip has the advantages of excellent detection performance, wide application,low mass production. At present, we have already cooperated with upstreamdownstream manufacturers for mass production of the multifunctional bio-sensor chips. At the same time, cooperate with the instrument manufacturer to develop a simple portable electrochemical detect
    • Double Lumen Arthroscopic Cannula

      Medical Devices Innotech Expo Double Lumen Arthroscopic Cannula

      During arthroscopic surgery, the anchor suture is easy to tangleunable to fix the soft tissue using conventional one lumen cannula. Thus we design a novel “Double lumen cannula” containing a flexible septum inside the cannula which can separatechange the cannula volume dynamically into two lumen. This would decrease the surgical timesoft tissue injury,improve the security of su
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