• 應用於血栓溶解治療之創新超音波漩渦技術

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 應用於血栓溶解治療之創新超音波漩渦技術

      We have developed an innovative acoustic vortex technology VorteSonic for treatment of VTE, with the first go-to-market product of a catheter-based acoustic vortex thrombolytic device. Acoustic vortex produces turbulent flow around the thrombus, resulting in effective thrombolysis by creating loose structure of thrombustherefore enhancing deep penetration of thrombolytic drugs into the thrombus. Advantages of the acoustic vortex technology is reduction of hemorrhagic riskimprovement of safetyprognosis. Feedback system can be integrated for intelligent therapy in the future.
    • 多模肺癌臨床智慧決策分享輔助系統

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 多模肺癌臨床智慧決策分享輔助系統

      The proposed technologies apply deep learning methodsbig clinical data for lung cancer decision support. The system consists of: 1) CT radiogenomicspatho-genomics for automatic cancer detectionprediction of EGFR mutation 2) demographics to predict survival 3) genomics to predict cancer recurrencemetastasis,4) drug response inference for the best target therapy option. The modules are constructed on an AI-based Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS-SDM). The system is expected to provide physicianspatients with personalized medication recommendations.
    • 使用G72蛋白質與SLC7A11 mRNA作為生物標記來診斷阿茲海默氏症的方法

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 使用G72蛋白質與SLC7A11 mRNA作為生物標記來診斷阿茲海默氏症的方法

      The present technology provides a method for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease, including the following steps: detecting a blood sample taken from a human subject suspected of having Alzheimer's disease,the biomarker level is selected from G72 protein level, SLC7A11 mRNA expression level,a combination of the two,compared with a preset standard, wherein if the detected biomarker level in the blood sample is higher than the preset standard, the Individual humans are thought to have Alzheimer's disease.
    • 開發鈀奈米薄膜電化學感測平台用於病毒檢測與抑制分子篩選

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 開發鈀奈米薄膜電化學感測平台用於病毒檢測與抑制分子篩選

      Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infected human cell through ACE2. This study is developing a Pd nano-thin film electrode for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. This invention can quantify neutralize antibody too. The detection platform can be used to screen 1 microliter anti-virus infection drug sample within 21 mins. Compare to SPR standard, our invention only needs 1/10000 concentration of ACE2reaction volume is ~1/30 than SPR. This invention can be adapted in detection of cancer markers,other emergency infection diseasestherapeutic drugs, too.
    • 草蝦種原培育暨草蝦商業化種原擴增場域整合營運

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 草蝦種原培育暨草蝦商業化種原擴增場域整合營運

      The Center has established a high biological conservation center for the breeding of P. monodon shrimp seeds that meet international standards,has integrated more than 40 professional technologies to select P. monodon shrimp strains that are specific pathogens free (SPF)have special traits for stocking in the three-hectare commercial P. monodon shrimp seed expansion test site in Hualien. This will provide a stable supply of good P. monodon shrimp seeds for use by the Taiwan aquaculture industry.
    • 變種冠狀病毒蛋白晶片:疫情與後疫情時代之應用

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 變種冠狀病毒蛋白晶片:疫情與後疫情時代之應用

      Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19ongoing mutants, we developed a coronavirus variant protein microarray that includes all the current spike mutationsthe wild-type viral antigensapplied in detecting immune responsesdrug specificities. We filed the patientspublished our findings in the Analytical Chemistry. Besides massive production of the coronavirus protein microarray, we also collaborated with a scanner company, developed artificial intelligence software,collaborated with suppliers. We are welcome any sort of collaboration.
    • 器官晶片-三維細胞培養與藥物測試篩選的陣列平台

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 器官晶片-三維細胞培養與藥物測試篩選的陣列平台

      Lung-on-minilab is designed as a tool for personalized healthcarewill contribute in precision medicine. Here, the tumor microenvironment was reconstituted using liquid dielectrophoresisarranged as lung tissue. The size of pattern can be customized as stages of cancer. Additionally, this chip was equipped a gradient microfluidic channel which enabled testing combination of medications. This is the first device where chemotherapyimmunotherapy medications can be tested together. This will improve the screening timeserve as an alternative for patients in therapeutic try.
    • 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      3D digital pathology imagingAI auxiliary diagnosis platform integrates 3D pathology sample preparation, high speed image scanning,intelligent software analysis into a novel system. We have collaborated with clinical pathologists to develop both 3D biopsy pathology imaging workflowthe world first 3D pathology image analysis software MetaLite, along with AI models pathology feature annotationquantitative analysis of solid tumor with high accuracy can be rapidly processed. We have transferred patented technology to start up JelloX Biotech Inc. at NTHU for further operation.
    • 一種豬瘟Erns可溶性蛋白生產純化技術及其專一性鑑別型之應用性

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 一種豬瘟Erns可溶性蛋白生產純化技術及其專一性鑑別型之應用性

      The technology optimizes the antigen protein expression system, so that the structural protein Erns of CFSV converts insoluble proteins into soluble proteins during the production process. The breakthrough of this technology allows the antigen protein to be applied to the development of an immune attachment screening platform, as a specialized differential diagnostic reagents can distinguish between virus-infectedvaccinated pigs, which can be applied to the monitoring system of virus transmission rangevaccination
    • 攜帶式傳染病分子診斷系統

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 攜帶式傳染病分子診斷系統

      "We present here a portable device with isothermally mediated loop amplification (LAMP) for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The main components included (1) roller conveyor, (2) hotplate,(3) temperaturemotion control panels. After mixing all the solutions by rollingsqueezing the sealed compartments, the LAMP strip was heated for 30 min for amplification. Finally, fluorescence results can be read with the naked eyeon a smartphone under the UV lamp. The 700g device is powered by a portable charger, making it easier to detect pathogens in resource-limited environments."
    • 單一癌細胞之3D球體快速培養及其臨床應用

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 單一癌細胞之3D球體快速培養及其臨床應用

      R3CE (Rapid, Reproducible, Rare Cell 3D Expansion) is a clinically validated platform capable of generating single cell-derived organoids within one to four weeks. It outperforms currently 3D culture technologies in terms of yields, time to form organoids,easiness of operation. It also demonstrates similar yieldscost structure to 2D culture protocols. R3CE is ready for drug testing for all clinical samplesprovides sufficient quantity of genomic samples derived from cancer patients. It would help conduct clinical cancer treatment in the translational study.
    • 水產深加工與副產物高值化利用整合創新技術

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 水產深加工與副產物高值化利用整合創新技術

      Two parts in this integrated creative invention: deep processing for frozen aquatic meal productshigh-valued utilization for byproducts. The deep processing technology for fish meal is the commodities without thawingwashing process while cooking. The technology also can remove fishy smells. Byproducts are full of rich nutrition but usually were used as animal feeding food, sold by low prices,evenly discarded. This technology is developed to extract nutrition factors in fish bone/scales by using an autoclave system with a series of heatingpressure procedures.
    • 微生物製劑之多元效益的智慧監控舆管理

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 微生物製劑之多元效益的智慧監控舆管理

      By integration of professions including phytopathology, pesticides analysis, aquaticlivestock management, microbial fermentation, epidemiology,artificial intelligence, our interdisciplinary team jointly have developed microbial products for multi-industry applications including crop health care, circular agriculture, livestockaquaculture. The intelligent monitoring modelsmanagement technology for evaluating the efficacy of microbial products are implemented to provide key time pointdecision support for microbial products application,in turns to enhance the application efficacy. The developed microbial agentstechnology would greatly reduce the use of chemical pesticidesantibioticsenhance agricultural output valuemarket competitiveness.
    • 百發百中、相醫維命 – 發展伴隨式診斷以進行小分子RNA干擾片段的癌症精準醫療

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 百發百中、相醫維命 – 發展伴隨式診斷以進行小分子RNA干擾片段的癌症精準醫療

      Cancer is the first leading cause of death in Taiwan. Targeted therapy allows the cancer cells to be specifically targeted, reduces the side effects,achieves the purpose of precision cancer treatment. This report contains two invention technologies which combined early & specific diagnosis of a specific Aurora-A mRNA isoform in cancers (the companion diagnosis)the treated with a selective locked nucleic acid (LNA)-modified novel double-stranded short interfering nucleic acid (siRNA) to inhibit the translation of this Aurora-A mRNA isoform (targeted therapy) in cancers.
    • 新型可調控光學特性及生物功能之人工水晶體

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 新型可調控光學特性及生物功能之人工水晶體

      Our team used Chemical Vapor Deposition to create a multi-functional polymer coating, which is an extremely densenano-level parylene film. Using the vapor deposition encapsulation technology, the liquid droplet is encapsulated in the parylene film. This new type of intraocular lens, which mimics real human lens, can achieve the ability of ciliary muscle accommodation, moreover, has the characteristics of " optical properties""biological properties ".
    • Startup Acceleration and International Promotions for the Medical Device Industry

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Startup Acceleration and International Promotions for the Medical Device Industry

      "Biomdcare’s Osteoporosis AI Screening Assistant is the first ever AI model to use hip X-ray image as the source to perform fast screening on Osteoporosis and has achieved 90% of accuracy. This Osteoporosis AI Screening Assistant can be equipped on mobile X-ray buses to help expand the screening area to communities and rural areas.;Mobiosense is leveraging the semiconductor expertise in Taiwan to develop a semiconductor biomolecule sensor that can directly detect biomolecules (proteins, DNA, etc) without any fluorescent or electrochemical reagents, enabling portable yet high sensitivity biotesting at the point of care without bulky, hard to use instruments;The Smart Hearing Solution combines innovative product design (IP) and artificial intelligence systems (AI) to enhance the quality of the user's hearing. It solves the problem that traditional hearing aids are completely unclear when talking to many people. The core technology of the product includes ""voice beamforming system design"", ""computer vision analysis technology"", ""AI deepening neural network"" to solve the problem of multi-human ""language noise"" noise reduction for international manufacturers (cocktail party effect)."
    • Video-based blood pressure and respiration measurement and its applications in the home sleep apnea and health management system

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Video-based blood pressure and respiration measurement and its applications in the home sleep apnea and health management system

      The technology utilizes image continuity and contactless monitoring of blood pressure and respiration state to help patients avoid wearable pressure when detecting sleep apnea and reduce the complexity of detection. The system can help users to easily detect sleep status in their lives, contactlessly measure and make daily health records, as the real-time management monitoring of daily homecare. This technology conducts IRB clinical trials, establishes a large database, joins physician professions, and optimizes AI solutions.
    • Zero Contact Detection-Facial Stroke, Heart Rate and Breath Detection Technology

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Zero Contact Detection-Facial Stroke, Heart Rate and Breath Detection Technology

      We use features such as asymmetric expression and crooked eyes to assess the risk of facial stroke. Observing the micro vibration of the head caused by the contraction of the heart, and develop a zero-contact facial heart rate and respiration rate detection technology in conjunction with the camera. The technology can accurately measure heart rate and respiration rate in real time, thereby reducing the risk of infection. This technology has obtained two ROC patents (M590433, I689285), two US patents (HEART RATE DETECTION METHOD AND DEVICE THEREOF,MOUTH AND NOSE OCCLUDED DETECTING METHOD AND SYSTEM THEREOF). The possibility of detecting strokes through AI machine learning methods is not only accurate, but also find out signs of stroke early to grasp the best time to seek medical treatment.
    • Bio-inspired sweat collection for health monitoring during physical activity

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Bio-inspired sweat collection for health monitoring during physical activity

      A wearable sweat sensing device is developed for health monitoring during exercises to prevent illness caused by fluid losses. By biomimetic designchoosing material with high permeability, the sweat collector possesses high sweat collection efficiency, rapid transportlow response time. Inside the channel, salt concentrationsweat rate is deduced by electric property analysis. Finally
    • Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food SafetyEpidemic Prevention

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food SafetyEpidemic Prevention

      The innovative technology which is based on the unique biomimetic material, including immunomagnetic nanoparticles, aqueous extraction solvent,a portable IoT detection device promotes the detection speed, accuracy,precision of the target molecule. Featuring with the excellent ability of non-specific binding, this technology decreased the probability of false-negative/false-positive succe
    • Digital self-injection-locked ultrasonic Doppler radar for accurate non-contact vital sign monitoring

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Digital self-injection-locked ultrasonic Doppler radar for accurate non-contact vital sign monitoring

      A highly sensitivelinear ultrasonic radar was realized using digital self-injection-locking (SIL) technique. It can remotely monitor the vital signs of a human in motion, which will be demonstrated in this expo by upgrading a low-cost ultrasonic radar for reverse parking to support high-value telemedical applications. In the future it will further combine phased-array technology to implement non-contact 4D ultrasound system, which will bring disruptive innovation to medical technologies.
    • Germplasm Bank of Medicinal Coral Producing New Targeted Anti-cancer Agenttheir Aquaculture Technology Platform

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Germplasm Bank of Medicinal Coral Producing New Targeted Anti-cancer Agenttheir Aquaculture Technology Platform

      The present invention discloses the germplasm bank of medicinal coral producing new targeted anti-cancer agent and their aquaculture technology platform. The medicinal corals are collected in Kenting, located at the southern tip of Taiwan. In response to the unmet medical needs of new anti-cancer drugs, our research results will provide more diverse types of new drug targets and lead compounds in the "new drug development-new drug discovery and exploration period".
    • Influenza mucosal vaccine compositionpreparationapplication thereof

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Influenza mucosal vaccine compositionpreparationapplication thereof

      Provided is an influenza mucosal vaccine compositionpreparationapplication thereof. This composition contains an antigen fusion protein which includes an influenza virus antigena Type IIb heat-labile enterotoxin A subunit. Immunization with the antigen fusion protein induces cellularhumoral immune responses, including systemicmucosal immune responses, against a specific in
    • Novel Therapy for Critical Limb Ischemia

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Novel Therapy for Critical Limb Ischemia

      We used the concepts of tissue regeneration, embedding drugs in biomaterial carriers,a rigorous regeneration deficient animal model with severe hind limb ischemia to develop an effective novel therapy Grace-001. The new drug can promote neovascularization, tissue regeneration, blood flow maintenance,restoration of blood vessels, nerves,muscles as well as their functions. This new dr
    • A Kinase Inhibitor that Induces Degradation of MYC Oncoprotein

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech A Kinase Inhibitor that Induces Degradation of MYC Oncoprotein

      This technology is a development drug lead aiming to meet the medical needs of patients with small cell lung cancer. Through disturbing MYC-Aurora A interaction and inducing degradation of MYC oncoprotein, this bioavailable kinase inhibitor could serve as a potential treatment entity for SCLC.
    • DBPR807: a CXCR4-Targeted Antagonist

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech DBPR807: a CXCR4-Targeted Antagonist

      DBPR807 can significantly suppress tumor growth, prevent distant metastasis, reduce angiogenesis, normalize tumor microenvironment and promote cytotoxic T-cell infiltration. In various HCC models, DBPR807 itself can prolong overall survival as effectively as marketed anti-angiogenic agent sorafenib and immune checkpoint inhibitor anti-PD-1 Ab. What’s more, its combination therapy with either sorafenib or anti-PD-1 Ab can extend life expectancy even more significantly than aforementioned monotherapy.
    • BPRSJ338: Therapeutic Applications for COVID-19

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech BPRSJ338: Therapeutic Applications for COVID-19

      BPRSJ338 exhibits high potency of anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity and is in development for fighting COVID-19 as a first-in-class drug. BPRSJ338 also potently inhibits against broad-spectrum coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, HCoV-229E, HCoV-OC43, TGEV, FIPV and MHV. Related US and Taiwan patents have been granted.​ Therefore it is also applicable to fight against severe evolving coronaviruses in the future.
    • Heterocyclic compounds and use thereof

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Heterocyclic compounds and use thereof

      In this technology, a series of potent MOR/NOP agonists has been developed, which demonstrated potent antinociception in tail flick and cancer pain mouse models with fewer side-effects in respiratory suppression, heart rate decreasing, and constipation models than morphine.