• AI_Variant Prioritizer

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech AI_Variant Prioritizer

      The interpretation of next generation sequencing is a big challenge. In order to improve the molecular diagnosis of the patient, we developed the AI_Variant prioritizer, a machine learning based variant prioterization system that can help to prioritize candidate variants for human disease. This module highlighted the possible disease causing variants to help clinician to increase the disease diagnostic yield and decrease the load of manpower.
    • Intelligent image-guiding needle puncture

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Intelligent image-guiding needle puncture

      Optical coherence tomography using an optical probe with a diameter of 0.9 mm, combined with the 14-18 gauge needle, is used for clinical needle puncture. Using the real-time image obtained from the tip of the needle in the tissue, the needle position can be identified. Combined with artificial intelligence can achieve objective, accurate and automatic identification of the tissue, which has been successfully verified in anesthesia and laparoscopic surgery.
    • Low-temperature magnesium hydrogen storage materials and energy storage applications

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Low-temperature magnesium hydrogen storage materials and energy storage applications

      The goal of this project is to study "low-temperature magnesium hydrogen storage materials and energy storage applications". Mg hydrogen storage materials with a hydrogen storage capacity of 5.0 wt% is developed,and their dehydrogenation rate at 250℃ will be significantly enhanced using a forcible pump. The Mg hydrogen storage powders are inserted into a tank for cyclic hydrogenation-dehydrogenation tests. The H2 gas desorbed from the tank is supplied to a high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell (HT-PEMFC,160℃) for power generation.
    • An 1.6Tb/s Silicon Photonics Chip

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech An 1.6Tb/s Silicon Photonics Chip

      This 1.6Tb/s silicon photonic chip adopts the semiconductor technology to integrated optical couplers, splitters, modulators, and 4x16 AWG optical multiplexer into a 5mm x 5mm area. Thanks to the support of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI), this novel 1.6Tb/s silicon photonics chip is designed at the end of 2018 and send to IMEC to produce. After getting the chip at the beginning of 2020, those separate devices of optical edge coupler, optical splitter, optical modulator, and 4x16 AWG optical multiplexer have been measured and verified. The overall chip performance has also been checked by injecting lasers and the light signal has been coupled by singlemode fiber to demonstrate the feasibility of this novel silicon photonics chip.
    • Global Ionospheric Tsunami MonitoringEarly Warning System-Space Buoy

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech Global Ionospheric Tsunami MonitoringEarly Warning System-Space Buoy

      The total electron content derived by existing ground-based GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers is used to construct a network of space buoys for real time monitoring traveling ionospheric disturbances triggered by tsunami waves. This space buoy network shall act as a tsunami early warning system confirming the tsunami originpropagation.
    • The establishment of National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan (NBCT)

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech The establishment of National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan (NBCT)

      This project will establish a National biobank consortium of Taiwan through the fund support from the government. The National Health Research Institutes will establish a Central Office for the collaboration works, which includes collecting the number of samples of the human biological database in each biobank that agreed to join the Consortium. All Alliance need to follow the same SOP for the collection process and the quality of the biosample. Adequate and consistent clinical data will also be established under the Information Security Management Treaty. Since the contents of the biobanks from different institute are quite different, we will be able to quickly establish a large and comprehensive biobank network.In line with the need of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
    • AI 2 Robot City

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech AI 2 Robot City

      ”AI2 Robot City” is a game-based learning kit for primary and secondary school students, which combines AI image-recognition teaching tool of MIT App Inventor and the computational thinking board game named as "Robot City." Through this learning kit, users will learn to make smart cars, create image-recognition models, write and perform mobile application. Users will learn to write a program to recognize the personal cards in the board game, and furthermore to control the smart cars with blue-tooth and compete in the computational thinking board game.
    • Low-dose nanoscale biomimetic cell structure – Next-generation platform technology for advanced precision immunotherapy

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Low-dose nanoscale biomimetic cell structure – Next-generation platform technology for advanced precision immunotherapy

      We developed a biomimetic triple-antibody-immobilized magnetic fucoidan nanomedicine as a multifunctional artificial antigen presenting cell, which possessed the ability to not only inhibit immune checkpoint but activate tumor infiltrated T cells. of Bridging sites with tunable density on the nanoplatform was designed, allowing the antibodies to be well-distributed on the surface for mimicking immune cells. In contrast to the complex cell expansion process using microbeads in adaptive cell therapy, the nanoplatform can be i.v. administrated to cut the course of therapy from several weeks to days. With the development of the platform technology, an artificial immune system family can be built to pave the way for personalized immunotherapy.
    • UV-resistant Self-healing Emulsion Glass as a New Liquid-like Solid Material for 3D Printing

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech UV-resistant Self-healing Emulsion Glass as a New Liquid-like Solid Material for 3D Printing

      Directly writing 3D structures into supporting mediums is a relatively new developing technology. The liquid-like solid (LLS) materials are developed as supporting mediums, that possesses the self-healing ability and tunable yield stress. Because the components of this emulsion glass are mostly water and oil, it exhibits chemical stability when exposed to UV radiation and high temperature. Based on the above features, this emulsion glass can be regarded as a new kind of LLS material for supporting mediums.
    • Self-healing ultra-high performance concrete

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Self-healing ultra-high performance concrete

      The self-healing ultra-high-performance concrete is a green construction material. It has the key characteristics of self-healing ability, high deformability, and ultra-high strength. The material composition contains a high proportion of by-products from industrial manufacturing. The particle packing density of the developed material is optimized to make this new multi-functional concrete material also have the ability of self-healing and deformability.
    • Using innovative microbial technologies as a high-efficiency valued-added total solution for industrial livestock wastewater treatment

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Using innovative microbial technologies as a high-efficiency valued-added total solution for industrial livestock wastewater treatment

      The innovative microbial wastewater treatment technology of our team can effectively reduce the COD, BOD, total nitrogen and total phosphorus in livestock wastewater to the emission standards in a short period of time, and the generated microorganisms can be developed for feed additives and organic fertilizers. In terms of industrial wastewater, this technology can also effectively clean petrochemical, ammonia nitrogen and heavy metal wastewater by degrading COD and ammonia nitrogen even adsorbing heavy metals, showing the excellent treatment performances.
    • Large-area provskite light emitting device with high color purity

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech Large-area provskite light emitting device with high color purity

      By combining the thermal evaporation and spin-coating techniques, we are able to demonstrate synthesis of 3 cm x 3 cm and 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm organometallic halide perovskite light-emitting diodes with electroluminescence at 538 nm and 405 nm, respectively. Other than the advantage in large device area, to our best knowledge, the demonstrated violet LEDs have produced the shortest emission wavelength available from current hybrid perovskites. The luminance of our green LEDs reach a maximum value of 9967 cd/m2 with an EQE of 0.88% and color purity of 95%. Moreover, it is possible to generate white light emission by combining the violet perovskite LEDs with visible light phosphor.
    • First-in-class anti-diabetic drug, PS1

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech First-in-class anti-diabetic drug, PS1

      Diabetes is now still an incurable disease. Beta cell failure is one of common causes. No drugs for this failure have been developed. This invention is to developapply PS1 to treatreverse diabetes. PS1 is a first-in-class small-molecule drug, which targets beta cells by improving their survivalfunction. As a result, PS1 can treatreverse diabetes. The anti-diabetic mechanism of
    • Visualization of brain connectomics: all-optical volumetric imaging/stimulation and spiking neural circuit models

      Excellence Research Center FutureTech Visualization of brain connectomics: all-optical volumetric imaging/stimulation and spiking neural circuit models

      Constructing a functional connectome and its computational model is a crucial step toward understanding the mechanisms of brain functions. To achieve this goal, we developed two correlated technologies: (1) An all-optical physiology (AOP) that is capable of millisecond volumetric imaging and accurate stimulation in living animal brains. This system allows us to establish functional connectome and neural coding with a single-cell resolution. (2) A cellular-level spiking neural circuit simulation system that is capable of tuning itself based on the input data from the AOP system. We have demonstrated our technologies in the Drosophila late visual system and will apply them in the brains of larger species such as mice. Our technologies will greatly enhance knowledge of brain operation.
    • Precision blood test for detection of breast cancer

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Precision blood test for detection of breast cancer

      EPICAn is a novel technique that uses liquid biopsy for epigenetic analysis. Using methylation-specific PCR method to analyze specific gene methylation of cell-free DNA in plasma for early detection of breast cancer. The advantages of this technology are 1. High accuracy 2. Low false positive rate 3. Low-invasive 4. less limitation 5. Available for routine continuous detection 6. Monitoring cancer changes 7. Aided diagnosis 8. Automated process 9. Easy-to-operate 10. Rapid analysis. It is expected that EPICAn technique can increase the accuracy of early detection of breast cancer and aid clinicians' diagnosis.
    • 人工智慧於息肉狀脈絡膜血管病變之診斷與治療決策之應用

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 人工智慧於息肉狀脈絡膜血管病變之診斷與治療決策之應用

      This system help doctors to distinguish age-related macular degeneration (ARMD)polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV) by color fundus photography. We have collected large image dataset from Taipei Veterans General Hospitalother hospitals to establishvalidate CNN model, which had been tested by external image datasetmodified to improve the accuracy of the AI model.
    • 基於轉移學習之青光眼眼底照片診斷系統-適於各醫療院所之平台發展

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 基於轉移學習之青光眼眼底照片診斷系統-適於各醫療院所之平台發展

      A transfer learning-assisted glaucoma detection system was build first with training images from the fundus images database of Taipei Veterans General Hospital,then fine-tuned to improve its applicability on fundus images from different datasets. This system aims to assist clinic-based glaucoma screening to increase the diagnostic rate of glaucoma by using existing healthcare facility.
    • Ubiquitous RF Energy Applications

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech Ubiquitous RF Energy Applications

      A huge microwave power/RF power, which is generated by reasonable number super-imposition of smaller-power solid-state power sources, becomes a future trend. To meet the trend, NSRRC has developed a technology to combines multiple kilowatt-level RF power sources to tens of kilowatts to replace the vacuum tube that needs a high-voltage power supplybecome moremore expensive.
    • Photon Generation in Magic School

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech Photon Generation in Magic School

      NSRRC, which is one of the worldwide top magnet related design teams, is capable of the magnetic field simulation, mechanism designmagnetic field measurement. Related technologies include electromagnet technology, permanent magnet technology, vacuum technology, low temperature technologysuperconductivity technology.
    • Vacuum Functional Coating Technology

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech Vacuum Functional Coating Technology

      Here we prepare a non-evaporative getter (NEG) film using magnetron sputtering. A vacuum chamber with a sputtered NEG film can maintain ultra-high vacuum (-10 Torr level) without any pump after activation. The activation temperature can be controlled below 200 °C according to different process conditions. The activated NEG film adsorbs residual gases in the vacuum system to achieve the UHV.
    • In-situ Large-scale X-ray Mirror Measurement Technology

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech In-situ Large-scale X-ray Mirror Measurement Technology

      The long trace profiler (LTP) can be used to measure the figureintermediate frequency roughness of an X-ray mirror. The measurement process is accurate, high-speednon-contact. The radius of curvature for the measurement may be ranged from a value from 5 m to infinity, such that the surface profile feature can be measured in the range with a longitudinal resolution of 0.15 nm.
    • Analysis of Virus Structure of White Tail Disease for Shrimps

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Analysis of Virus Structure of White Tail Disease for Shrimps

      With the use of E. coli expression system, capsid protein assembly in vitro, X-ray photoprotein crystallographycryo-electron microscope, the T=3 capsid structure of white tail disease viruses for shrimps has been resolved successfully, such that an entire model for capsid structure of virus could be provideda mechanism for viral assemblyinfection could be understood.
    • Taiwania2 & Taiwan Computing Cloud

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Taiwania2 & Taiwan Computing Cloud

      TWCC provides services with up to date container technology. Through optimized AI software, developers can quickly deploy, which increases efficiency by 40 compared with the past. Also, it supports high-speed parallel computing. A further increase of 30 compared with current cloud services. In addition, TWCC will integrate AI programstools from different fields to become the largest model m
    • Multilayer Cybersecurity Defense ServiceSystem Development

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Multilayer Cybersecurity Defense ServiceSystem Development

      1. CDX is to provide an environment for long periods of time in coordination with school courses, including the simulation of a real company's network environment with randomly selected vulnerabilities in cyber defense contests. 2. HoneynetMalware Knowledge Base simulates systemapplication vulnerabilitiesthen monitors the cyber-attacksthe corresponding traffic flow.
    • Application of hybrid earthquake early warning system

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Application of hybrid earthquake early warning system

      NCREE combined on-siteregional EEW to provide the hybrid EEW for the industries. As results, the fastaccurate earthquake warning message can be provided to the industry with low cost (No cost for the EEW hardware, only the receiverdisaster reduction system). Industry can combine the Hybrid EEW with their existing serviceprovide one more disaster service to their customer.