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    • Innovative Wireless PositioningTracking System

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech Innovative Wireless PositioningTracking System

      iTech has developed an Innovative Wireless Positioning&Tracking System. iShield can simultaneously detect drones & operators. iPosition tracks thousands of targets indoor. iFollow is an auto-following function for smart droids.
    • wireless charging drone with capacitance

      AI & IOT Application Innotech Expo wireless charging drone with capacitance

      Let drone parks on the wireless charging stand,after the capacitor is stored, the drone is allowed to flythe wireless charging stand can be set at several different predetermined places, so that the drone is in flight, ifWhen the power supply unit is insufficient in power, it flies to the wireless charging stand to perform wireless charging operation,the overall flight distance can
    • Real time wireless diagnostic system

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Real time wireless diagnostic system

      "PressureDOT team will develop the first intra-abdominal pressure monitoringlocalization micro internet device of things, to integrate into critical care vital sign monitoring systemtake care of the critical patients. This will ensure our role in the marketset up market barrier in this type of medical devices. With this platform, we can collect the continuous physical signal from c
    • Wireless Biomedical Theranostic System on a Chip

      Medical Devices FutureTech Wireless Biomedical Theranostic System on a Chip

      This project designs a biomedical theranostic chip for neural disorders. It can not only function as an implantable device for treating the Parkinson's disease, depression, dementia, but also monitor physiological signals in wearable devices. For the development of medical device, the NeuLive system based on the microchip can accelerate the pre-clinical data collectionverification.
    • 基於深度強化學習,智慧化商用Wi-Fi裝置增強通訊效能

      FutureTech 基於深度強化學習,智慧化商用Wi-Fi裝置增強通訊效能

      We develop an asynchronous framework across userkernel spaces for deep learning applications on the improvement of Wi-Fi performanceimplement it in the driver of commodity Intel Wi-Fi cards. Under this framework, we apply deep reinforcement learning to developing an intelligent rate adaptation (RA) algorithm (DRL-RA), which can achieve the highest throughput in varying channel conditions given many rate options of current Wi-Fi technologies. Its on-learning capability can learn how to efficiently approach the best rate from the experiences of its common usage patternenvironment.
    • Bio-inspired sweat collection for health monitoring during physical activity

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Bio-inspired sweat collection for health monitoring during physical activity

      A wearable sweat sensing device is developed for health monitoring during exercises to prevent illness caused by fluid losses. By biomimetic designchoosing material with high permeability, the sweat collector possesses high sweat collection efficiency, rapid transportlow response time. Inside the channel, salt concentrationsweat rate is deduced by electric property analysis. Finally
    • X-BCI 無線腦機介面裝置

      FutureTech X-BCI 無線腦機介面裝置

      We have developed the device recorded the neuronal action potential of multiple mouse brainstheir cerebellum with high sampling rate (30 kHz)multiple channels to accelerate the study of the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. The team hopes to extend the multi-channel BCI devicebrainwave technology to more neurodegenerative disease biomarker analysis to help pharmaceutical companies to explore the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseaseshelp in new drug developmentclinical diagnosis.
    • 高解析度光學微影銀漿

      FutureTech 高解析度光學微影銀漿

      Current 5G communication devices have a huge demand in high resolutiondensity of metal conducting wires in electronics ( 40 μm line width/line spacing), which cannot be achieved by conventional screen printing (100 μm). Our group cooperated with Ample Technology to develop a new-generation silver conductive paste which enables photolithographyachieves outstanding line resolution (5 μm width/13 μm spacing). The paste is simple to useperforms comparable of those of major European, AmericanJapanese manufacturers.
    • Range hood with wisdom sensing

      Smart machinerynovel materials Innotech Expo Range hood with wisdom sensing

      The smoke removal device with smart detection has the capability of gas detectionindoor air circulation. The system is internally equipped with a sensing device. If an abnormal PM2.5 valuea high concentration of dangerous gas is detected, the fan can be automatically activated immediately to quickly filter the air,both preventivemonitoring functions can be achieved.
    • 突破物聯網的最後一哩:無晶片射頻辨識

      FutureTech 突破物聯網的最後一哩:無晶片射頻辨識

      The major cost of conventional RFID tags comes from a microchip. To reduce the start-up cost, we develop a chipless RFID system that eliminates the use of the chip. This research organize the real-world issues of chipless RFID into four subjects, including the design of chipless tags, chipless RFID readers, reader signal processing,wireless propagation channel. We successfully integrate the four topics, developing a calibration-free, orientation-insensitive,high-capacity chipless RFID system with multi-tag detection capability.
    • 新型高頻、高功率氮化鎵電晶體技術

      FutureTech 新型高頻、高功率氮化鎵電晶體技術

      "Developed a ferroelectric oxide (HZO) gate for gallium nitride transistor, resulting in high breakdown, high current densityhigh threshold voltage. Best Figure of Merit Performance in the world. Using unique stepper double exposure technology to produce ultra-small linewidth GaN transistors for high-frequency application with Ft300GHz, one of the leading team in the world This technology uses frequency resonance, class E amplifiershigh-frequency rectifier circuits to achieve one-to-many non-contact fast charging. Best in the society for wireless fast chargingmodules."
    • Smart glove with soft force sensors for virtual reality somatosensory equipment training

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Smart glove with soft force sensors for virtual reality somatosensory equipment training

      The smart glove was made by soft force sensor with the multi-walled carbon nanotube cast in the mesh structurecombined with an interdigitated electrode together, then used AC/DC conversionspace calculation to establish the interactive virtual reality(VR) somatosensory system under the wireless. The recipient can achieve the same feedback as the demonstrator's behaviorskills in VR.
    • 結合肉眼可辨識與電化學定量檢測之可攜式銅離子感測技術

      FutureTech 結合肉眼可辨識與電化學定量檢測之可攜式銅離子感測技術

      The technology combines specific visual recognitionelectrochemical quantitative detection in a single portable device, providing instantconvenient copper ion detection. The sensing sensitivity has reached the standards of Taiwanthe United States for heavy metal detection for food, human body,environments. In use, this portableuser-friendly interface device not only makes it simple to report back to the EPA database for water quality analysis, but also it can be utilized for real-time detection from youngsters to the elderly.
    • 智慧型偏頭痛預警及神經電刺激輔助治療系統

      FutureTech 智慧型偏頭痛預警及神經電刺激輔助治療系統

      Migraine patients account for about 640 million people (15) in the world,about 1.75 million (9.1) in Taiwan. Our team had developed a wearable brain-computer interface system with the newly developed graphene dry electrodeadaptive noise subspace reconstruction technology. This system combined the physiological indicators before migraine attacksuses AI technology to build an intelligent migraine early warning system,combined BrainSTIM electrical stimulation technology to assist migraine patients.
    • Coplanar-Waveguide Defected Ground Structure

      Electronic & Optoelectronics Innotech Expo Coplanar-Waveguide Defected Ground Structure

      A coplanar-waveguide defected ground structure is invented for signal filtering of communication systems. The performance of the coplanar-waveguide defected ground structure can be easily determined by the design of the simple ground defects. It demonstrates excellent passband stopband, leakage wave,slow wave characteristics.
    • free5GC: 5th generation mobile core network

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech free5GC: 5th generation mobile core network

      Although there are few open-source core network projects, none of them are conformed to 3GPP Release 15 (R15). The free5GC is the first one in the world based on 3GPP R15. The ultimate goal of free5GC is to implement a full commercial, operational core network including Operation, AdministrationManagement (OAM), orchestrator,network slicing complied with 3GPP R15beyond.
    • A Secure IoT Communication Technique with Ultra Low Power Wake-Up Scheme

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech A Secure IoT Communication Technique with Ultra Low Power Wake-Up Scheme

      This work presents a low powersecure IoT communication scheme. A physical unclonable function (PUF) based mutual authentication scheme in conjunction with a trusted third party (TTP),the low power transceiver with secure wake-up mechanism are integrated for networkhardware security thereby enabling to extend the battery lifetimeensuring reliability for the IoT systems.
    • 應用於預防心血管疾病之無線生理檢測晶片系統與平台

      FutureTech 應用於預防心血管疾病之無線生理檢測晶片系統與平台

      The technology of 「Guard Patch」includes three parts. 1. Wearable devices, 2. Intelligent wireless monitoring system. 3. Cloud server with AI to avoid the happen of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The products of 「Guard Patch」also includes three parts: 1. Medical Market: (1) YuGuard, (2) YuSound, (3) YuRine. 2. Wearable Market: (1) YuCloth, (2) YuPet, (3) YuBelt. 3.Educative Market: TriAnswer. The mentioned seven products developed by Yutech can be employed in medical, wearable, educative markets to satisfy the different demands of customersachieve the dream of 「Bioelectronics Garden」
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