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    • Mass production technology of fluorinated graphene and its multi-functional applications on surface coating

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Mass production technology of fluorinated graphene and its multi-functional applications on surface coating

      In this invention, the fluorinated graphene(FG) is obtained by the fluorination of electrochemically exfoliated graphene (ECG), which is found to be a one-step approach for the scalable preparation of FG. The precursor with fluorine atoms is mixed with the ECG followed by applying lower energy to produce the fluorinated graphene. This process demonstrates an eco-friend and safe as well as scalable features. We have demonstrated their multi-functional applications on surface coatings, including the outperformance anticorrosion passivation, hydrophobic surface with ultra-strong adhesion, and high safety energy storage device. This technology provided a new strategy for next-generation functional and atomic layered coatings.
    • 創新型之懸浮液分散劑和機制-具降伏強度的流體

      FutureTech 創新型之懸浮液分散劑和機制-具降伏強度的流體

      The new type of dispersant used in this work is based on the concept of liquid-like-solid,develops a yield stress fluid. Different from the traditional dispersing mechanism (charge stabilizationsteric stabilization), the new dispersant can be used to disperse micron-sized solid particles to maintain a stable suspension state. We solve the problem that traditional dispersants (such as surfactantspolymers) are not suitable for dispersing micron particles.
    • 高效廢能轉質利用系統之研發

      FutureTech 高效廢能轉質利用系統之研發

      This project develops a multi-energy conversion system for industrial energy conservationhigh-value waste re-utilization. An advanced circulation fluidized bed gasification system600 kWth residual heat steam generation were establishedintegrate with the biomass pretreatment, gas purification,a kW scale supercritical power cycle system to demonstrate consolidated technologies ready for industrial applications.
    • 以永續性之分子孔洞材料進行高效率變壓吸附捕捉二氧化碳

      FutureTech 以永續性之分子孔洞材料進行高效率變壓吸附捕捉二氧化碳

      Reducing CO2 emissions is an urgent issueadsorption technologies based on solid adsorbents are considered a promising approach for CO2 capture. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) shows potential to lower the environmental, energy,economic costs of CO2 separations. In this technology, a porous molecular crystal (PMC) assembled by close packing of macrocyclic organic molecules is used as an efficient adsorbent for CO2 capture. The eluted N2CH4 by PSA are obtained with over 99.999.8 purity, respectively.
    • Next Precision Weightlifting Platform

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Next Precision Weightlifting Platform

      The main purpose of this invention is to provide a training system with the surrounding photographing unit, the display unit,a force platform. The system can immediately capture the motion of the user from various angles,measure the force of the user from both legs, in order to provide the useful biofeedback information to coachesathletes.
    • 臨床前錐束X光激發光學與電腦斷層影像系統原型機

      FutureTech 臨床前錐束X光激發光學與電腦斷層影像系統原型機

      In CB-XLCT imaging, when nanophosphors are delivered to tumor tissues,irradiated by X-rays, luminescent light with wavelength range of 500-700 nm will be exciteddetected by optical camera from different directions. After reconstruction, it can provide tumor locations. The micro-CT subsystem also provide X-rays to excite nanoparticles for luminescence tomography.
    • 粒線體功能分析平台與核苷酸研究之應用

      FutureTech 粒線體功能分析平台與核苷酸研究之應用

      In this research, we developed two platforms for analyzing mitochondrial stress. One is to use CRISPR/Cas9 editing to mark a variety of mitochondrial proteins in C. elegansmammalian cells for in vivo assessing mitochondrial functions. Another one is to establish a light-induced DNA damage specifically in mitochondria. In the meanwhile, we also developed a method to
    • 基因體編輯技術在觀賞魚精準育種之應用

      FutureTech 基因體編輯技術在觀賞魚精準育種之應用

      CRISPR/Cas9 is the powerfulpopular genome editing technology which can recognize target gene by a single guide RNA with the advantages of precision, high efficiency, easy manipulation,low cost to be applied to promote the precision breeding of aquatic organisms. The potentials of genome editing in the precision breeding of ornamental fish are mainly focused on infertility control, alternation of colorshape, growth promotion, sex control, stress tolerance, virus resistance, etc.
    • Air-stable luminescent organic-inorganic perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composites

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Air-stable luminescent organic-inorganic perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composites

      The technology realizes a perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite material, which has extremely high stability at room temperaturehigh temperature. It can be used for 3D printing, shaped into fluorescent microfilaments,can also be used for white light-emitting diodes. The application of this air-stabile perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite material in the 3D printing industry, texti
    • 多光子激發之高光譜顯微影像技術

      FutureTech 多光子激發之高光譜顯微影像技術

      We have successfully developed a multiphoton-induced hyperspectral microscopy based on a 1064 nm femtosecond excitation source. Nonlinear excitation by the laser localized to the focal point allows efficient non-descanned detection (NDD) while achieving optically sectioned imaging. The use of 1064 nm laser excitation increases the imaging depth while minimizing sample damage. The system combines the advantages of NDD for 3D imagingrich spectral information through confocal hyperspectral imaging, leading to potential applications in the emerging material R&Dbiomedical research.
    • 攜帶式傳染病分子診斷系統

      FutureTech 攜帶式傳染病分子診斷系統

      "We present here a portable device with isothermally mediated loop amplification (LAMP) for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The main components included (1) roller conveyor, (2) hotplate,(3) temperaturemotion control panels. After mixing all the solutions by rollingsqueezing the sealed compartments, the LAMP strip was heated for 30 min for amplification. Finally, fluorescence results can be read with the naked eyeon a smartphone under the UV lamp. The 700g device is powered by a portable charger, making it easier to detect pathogens in resource-limited environments."
    • 用於環境水質檢測與農作物之新穎重金屬生物感應器

      FutureTech 用於環境水質檢測與農作物之新穎重金屬生物感應器

      We developedoptimized a FRET-based genetically-encoded biosensor Met-lead with high sensitivity 10nM (0.2μg/dL, 2ppb) to fit the related regulations: the safety value of blood lead level for children 3μg/dLWHO-permitted level for tap water 10ppb. We further built a portable smart-phone device to measure Pb on-site. The practical applications of portable Met-lead can fulfill the needs from blood/urine Pb detection to drinking water/environmental irrigation water Pb monitoring, it will also help to build up a warning system to prevent further contamination from heavy metal Pb.
    • 超高效率之三重態-三重態湮滅向上轉換深藍光有機元件

      FutureTech 超高效率之三重態-三重態湮滅向上轉換深藍光有機元件

      A new emission model of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) based on triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion (TTAUC) with a high intrinsic upconversion efficiency (86.1) by using tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminum (Alq3)9,10-Bis(2-naphthyl)anthracene (ADN) as green sensitizerblue emitter, respectively. This structure improved the device efficiencyoperation lifetime compared to the conventional TTA-OLEDs. A record-high efficiency of 15.4EQEa 1.5x lifetime performance comparing to the commercial blue OLED are obtained by utilizing the TTAUC mechanism.
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