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    • 婦科疾病及癌症體外快速檢測技術

      FutureTech 婦科疾病及癌症體外快速檢測技術

      Endometriosis is a serious gynecological disease with a global incidence of 10. This disease will have a serious impact on women’s daily lives, including severe abdominal pain, massive organ bleeding, sexual behavior difficulties, infertility,even high-risk cancer progression. We discover that the karyotype variation of ribosomes is closely related to the deterioration of endometriosis. We collaborate with Hospital on human clinical trials to develop in vitro diagnostic devices that can screen early stage of Endometriosis. It can avoid unnecessary riskscosts of discovering diseases.
    • 撫平蟹足腫傷口的精準醫療軟膏

      FutureTech 撫平蟹足腫傷口的精準醫療軟膏

      An innovative ointment solves an unmet clinical need to cure keloid wounds The composition of the ointment can precisely modulate the cell functionsgene expression of keloid fibroblasts, making them close to the performance of normal fibroblasts. Thereby, when applying the ointment to keloid woundsthe human body prone to the formation of keloid wounds, the wound is smoothed, healing close to normal skin.
    • 智能精準放射治療系統研發

      FutureTech 智能精準放射治療系統研發

      This technology uses deep learning technology to establish six automatic organ segmentation models for six organsa graphical user interface for doctors. The data is exchanged with the existing radiotherapy planning system by standard formats. Analysis of the dosimetric parameters of the 3D printed customized bolus demonstrated that it is provided good dose escalationgood contact with the irregular surface.
    • Intelligent Multi-wavelength Lighting System

      National Applied Research Laboratories FutureTech Intelligent Multi-wavelength Lighting System

      An intelligent multi-wavelength lighting system was developed and the wavelength and brightness of the lighting system can be adjusted for clinical use by physicians. It is also equipped with several functions such as reminder of lighting, parameter records of use time, lighting brightness and wavelengths. The systems could help the patients adjust the physiological parameters based on the deployment of lighting system. The using lighting parameters would upload to the data base in cloud, and which can compare with the psychological evaluation parameters for treatment physical impact analysis in hospital. With the lighting system, the problem such as poor sleep quality can be greatly improved, and the occurrence probability of mild cognitive impairment and dementia can be deferred.
    • 肝癌治療成效追蹤與術後復發預測輔助系統

      FutureTech 肝癌治療成效追蹤與術後復發預測輔助系統

      "The primary goal of this project is to establish a complete hospital-based liver cancer database, profiles for data feature extraction,develop different cancer, prediction models. A Medical AI program to predict the poster treatment (including operationradiofrequency ablation) recurrence of liver cancer will be established. The program system will assist doctors in the medical decision, identify high-risk patients,adjust clinical follow-up programs."
    • 全方位血液細胞影像與生化分析系統

      FutureTech 全方位血液細胞影像與生化分析系統

      Our system is achieved by integrating diffractiondeep learning methods, which allows high-throughput lensless imaging system to display wide rangehigh-resolution images. In addition, the developed extraction chipsprototype were verified to accurately detect the numberproportion of blood cells under low blood demand. Our system shows great potential in point-of-care blood cells monitoring for cancer patients that could reduce infection riskmortality rate, increase efficacy of chemotherapysupport precision medicine.
    • 深度強化學習框架使用超音波影像診斷腋窩淋巴結狀態

      FutureTech 深度強化學習框架使用超音波影像診斷腋窩淋巴結狀態

      The RL model develops a control policy directly from experience to predict statesrewards during a learning procedure. Hence, we designed a medical image environment including US images, different actions,rewards, agent learns in this environment to extract the ALN regionevaluates the status. The performance of our proposed method achieves an accuracy of 83.6, a sensitivity of 88.6,a specificity of 89.0.
    • The establishment of National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan (NBCT)

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech The establishment of National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan (NBCT)

      This project will establish a National biobank consortium of Taiwan through the fund support from the government. The National Health Research Institutes will establish a Central Office for the collaboration works, which includes collecting the number of samples of the human biological database in each biobank that agreed to join the Consortium. All Alliance need to follow the same SOP for the collection processthe quality of the biosample. Adequateconsistent clinical data will also be established under the Information Security Management Treaty. Since the contents of the biobanks from different institute are quite different, we will be able to quickly establish a largecomprehensive biobank network.In line with the need of biotechnologypharmaceutical industries.
    • 建置國家級人體生物資料庫整合平台

      FutureTech 建置國家級人體生物資料庫整合平台

      This project will establish a National biobank consortium of Taiwan (NBCT) through the fund supportgovernance from the government. All Alliance will follow the same SOP for the biomaterial collectionhave the same quality of the biosample. Adequateconsistent clinical data will also be established under well information security management. Since the contents of the biobanks from different institute are quite different, we will be able to quickly establish a largecomprehensive biobank network. In line with the needs of biotechnology pharmaceutical, artificial intelligence, auxiliary medicalother industries.
    • 應用於精準醫學與智慧育種之基因體重組與品質評估整合平台

      FutureTech 應用於精準醫學與智慧育種之基因體重組與品質評估整合平台

      We are proposing a pipeline including de novo genome assemblywhole genome SNP array design to improve the practice in precision medicineprecision agriculture. We design GABOLA, a de novo genome assembly system, combining advantages in leading sequencing platform, to construct completeaccurate individual genomes. GABOLA can resolve large structural variants, fills the gap in human reference genome,avoid the bias from reference genome. We combine the knowledge of population geneticsfunctional information to design whole genome SNP array to aid future genomic study.
    • Harmoscope

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Harmoscope

      Harmoscope is a virtual biopsy technology for dermatology. The superior performances of in vivo Harmoscope has been clinically validated by NTU hospital for 14 years, with the deepest penetration, super-resolution,the highest contrast all at the same time. Without imaging processinglabeling, Harmoscope raw images provide the same level of resolutioninformation as the time-consuming gold standard H&E histopathology, allowing dermatologists and pathologists to grade and classify various skin lesions for immediate therapeutic decision without physical biopsy. This award-winning technology will release the saturated loading of skin biopsy examination, greatly improve the quality of point of care, while providing a trauma-free real-time alternative for skin lesion patients.
    • 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      FutureTech 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      3D digital pathology imagingAI auxiliary diagnosis platform integrates 3D pathology sample preparation, high speed image scanning,intelligent software analysis into a novel system. We have collaborated with clinical pathologists to develop both 3D biopsy pathology imaging workflowthe world first 3D pathology image analysis software MetaLite, along with AI models pathology feature annotationquantitative analysis of solid tumor with high accuracy can be rapidly processed. We have transferred patented technology to start up JelloX Biotech Inc. at NTHU for further operation.
    • 測溫式側流免疫分析法和檢測儀

      FutureTech 測溫式側流免疫分析法和檢測儀

      We have developed a low-costportable reader for thermometric lateral flow immunoassay (TLFIA) using colloidal goldlatex beads as reportersa continuous-wave green laser as the heating source. Instead of using infrared cameras, a single-element infrared sensor is employed for temperature sensing without compromising the sensitivity of the reader. The thermometric assay provides a 10× higher sensitivity than color visualizationthe results are sufficiently quantitative to support decision making in point-of-care testing for infectious diseases (such as COVID-19).
    • A Manual CentrifugePaper Devices for Point-of-Care Diagnosis

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech A Manual CentrifugePaper Devices for Point-of-Care Diagnosis

      Here, we introduce an electricity-free centrifuge platform based on a manual centrifuge. The provided centrifugal force is sufficient to produce a plasma purity of 99 separated in as little as 2−3 min. We then performed an immunoassay on a paper devicethe results were observed by a portable reader. As a result, the detection limit of the C-Reactive Protein is 1 ng/mL, with a total turnaround time of 7 min.
    • P-SERS: Rapid and Sensitive On-site Detection Platform

      Excellence Research Center FutureTech P-SERS: Rapid and Sensitive On-site Detection Platform

      Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is a useful analytical technique for detecting extremely small amounts of molecules. Herein, we designed a paper-based quasi-three-dimensional SERS substrate (P-SERS) that can provide potential to improve Raman analyses for food safety, pesticide poisoning, precision medicine, drug abuse and DNA/RNA testing. The sensitive, low-cost, flexible and disposable SERS substrate could be easily fabricated by physical deposition of gold nanoparticles array onto a filter paper. In this case, we are able to create non-continuous Au islands on the fiber surfaces, where the gaps between AuNPs can dramatically generate the high electric field to enhance Raman signal of target molecules.
    • 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      FutureTech 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      Our technology combines optimized semiconductor manufacturing technique with unique biomediator preparation to achieve the first reliable POC biosensing platform. Sensors developed according to this method possess reproducibility, accuracy,stability that meet POC. Our sensors are portable, require low sample volume, do not require sample processing,are extremely suitable for use in POC settings. They can also be integrated into IoT systems to aide in rapid decision making,can be mass produced. Overall, we are the first to achieve accessible, reliable detection at the POC.
    • AI動態老藥新用平台及COVID-19應用

      FutureTech AI動態老藥新用平台及COVID-19應用

      We propose an AI dynamics drug repurposing platform applicate on COVID-19. This platform analyzed a large number of structures of SARS-CoV, MERS,cross-species coronavirus 3CL protease-ligand complexes to construct uncovering six flexible active site conformationspharmacophore clusters for SARS-CoV-2 3CL protease screening all FDA drugsfound four inhibitors within three months. Among them, JM206 had even demonstrated ten times better efficacy than Remdesivir in-vitro assayalso show the effect on the in-vivo hamster model to alleviate the symptoms caused by COVID-19.
    • 泌尿道上皮癌微型 RNA 篩檢套組

      FutureTech 泌尿道上皮癌微型 RNA 篩檢套組

      The screening kits were developed using miRNAs for high-risk populations for urothelial carcinoma (UC). Products 702703 are designed for chronic kidney diseasehemodialysis patients using urineblood samples, respectively. With high accuracyminimal invasiveness, the kits are intended to be used as a screeningregular monitoring of UC. If a test reveals a positive result, the patient then undergoes cystoscopic examination for further confirmation. Otherwise, the patent only needs to be monitored annually.
    • 單一癌細胞之3D球體快速培養及其臨床應用

      FutureTech 單一癌細胞之3D球體快速培養及其臨床應用

      R3CE (Rapid, Reproducible, Rare Cell 3D Expansion) is a clinically validated platform capable of generating single cell-derived organoids within one to four weeks. It outperforms currently 3D culture technologies in terms of yields, time to form organoids,easiness of operation. It also demonstrates similar yieldscost structure to 2D culture protocols. R3CE is ready for drug testing for all clinical samplesprovides sufficient quantity of genomic samples derived from cancer patients. It would help conduct clinical cancer treatment in the translational study.
    • 微電漿系統製程三維孔洞奈米材於紙基材應用於高產氫、高靈敏性拉曼、高催化

      FutureTech 微電漿系統製程三維孔洞奈米材於紙基材應用於高產氫、高靈敏性拉曼、高催化

      Here we developed a fastgreen process of micro-plasma system for three-dimensional porous nanomaterials on low-cost paper substrates. The characteristics are low-cost, flexible,high-stability. It has three major applications, including increasing Raman measument, the detection process can be used with portable Raman spectroscopy for fast sensing,it can quickly analyze pesticides, food, drugs, etc. In addition, it can be equipped with boron nitride for high hydrogen productionhigh pollution biodegradationother applications.
    • 生物製造之癌症晶片應用於患者特異性用藥預測平台

      FutureTech 生物製造之癌症晶片應用於患者特異性用藥預測平台

      The key technology of Patient Derived Tumor Spheroids (PDTS) is to create an in-vitro patient tumor microenvironmenttumor-like properties, furthermore, predict various cancer antidrug effectiveness to each patient via the high-throughputhigh-quality cell viability detectionbiomarker analysis. Therefore, this project established several technologies including extracellular matrix fabrication, bioink design, cell population identification,tumor physiological environment for the upon goal.
    • Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Water Quality Monitoring Using Nanomaterials Immobilized Paper and a Flow Controllable Microfluidic Device

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Water Quality Monitoring Using Nanomaterials Immobilized Paper and a Flow Controllable Microfluidic Device

      Here we present a portable microfluidic device that can perform immunoassay for infectious disease diagnosis or detect heavy metal ions in water samples. The device is composed of two major components: nanomaterials modified paper-based detection platform and semi-automated flow manipulator. A reusable 3D-printed device is used to hold a disposable detection pad that modified with functional nanomaterials for water quality monitoring or antibodies for disease diagnosis. Besides, the use of spring-containing 3D-printed syringes manipulates a large-volume sample without manual actuation. Meanwhile, by controlling the flow rate via the linked flow regulator at the syringe outlet, solutions can react stably with the paper platform, which provides detection and pre-concentration effects.
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