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    • A legendary luminous nano-pearl

      Medical Devices FutureTech A legendary luminous nano-pearl

      The chromium-doped zinc gallate, ZnGa2O4:Cr3+, material is viewed as a long-lasting luminescent phosphor which can avoid tissue autofluorescence interference for in vivo imaging detection. The cubic ZGC revealed a specific accumulation in liver0.5 Gy used at the end of X-ray excitation was sufficient for imaging of deep seated hepatic tumors.
    • Air-stable luminescent organic-inorganic perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composites

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Air-stable luminescent organic-inorganic perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composites

      The technology realizes a perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite material, which has extremely high stability at room temperaturehigh temperature. It can be used for 3D printing, shaped into fluorescent microfilaments,can also be used for white light-emitting diodes. The application of this air-stabile perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite material in the 3D printing industry, texti
    • Modular Polymeric Nanoshells for Precision AntiviralAnticancer Vaccination

      Bio-tech & New Drugs FutureTech Modular Polymeric Nanoshells for Precision AntiviralAnticancer Vaccination

      Effectively inducing cytotoxic T cell expansion has been a critical challenge in vaccine development. To address this challenge, an entirely biodegradable polymeric nanoshell was invented to couple antigensadjuvants for safepotent immune potentiation. The invention has been adopted for precision anticancer vaccine, broadly reactive influenza vaccine,an effective vaccine MERS-CoV.
    • 轉移奈米結構的方法及具有奈米結構的裝置

      FutureTech 轉移奈米結構的方法及具有奈米結構的裝置

      Devices with physical flexibilitystretchability have attracted a great deal of interest for use in wearable electronic technologylarge-area electronics, including displays, energy harvesters, energy storage devices, distributed sensor networks,Internet of Things applications. The present invention relates to methods for growingtransferring single-crystal III-nitride nanorodstwo dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (2D TMDs) nanostructures,devices having the transferred nanostructures for flexible device, microLED,3DIC fabrications.
    • Novel nano-hydrogel technology on medicine, biomaterial, foodcosmetics

      Bio-tech & New Drugs Innotech Expo Novel nano-hydrogel technology on medicine, biomaterial, foodcosmetics

      1. A novel three-dimensional skin equivalent 2. A supercritical extraction system preserves bioactivity: no toxicity, environmental friendly, high efficiency, refine efficient biological elements 3. Advantages of hydrogel: large area ‎30 s quick-drying coolpain-killing transparentdifficult to observe moisturization tensioncontraction biodegradation easy to clean / makeup
    • An Anti-Obesity Nanotechnology to Modulate Oil Absorption In Vivo

      Bio-tech & New Drugs FutureTech An Anti-Obesity Nanotechnology to Modulate Oil Absorption In Vivo

      This technology is mainly solved the side effects of anti-obesity drug, including soft stoolsoily stools,regulate oil absorptionmetabolism as an additive in food. During the experiment, the curing phenomenon of MSNs/oiloily stool reduction in animal were observed. In conclusion, MSNs can effectively reduce the side effects of Orlistatelevating life quality.
    • Energy-saving GlassMethod of Manufacturing the Same

      Electronic & Optoelectronics Innotech Expo Energy-saving GlassMethod of Manufacturing the Same

      Energy-saving glass is realized using nano-imprinting to fabricate a periodic nano-structures. The glass can suppress the transmission of ultraviolet light such that people are not harmed. The transmission of infrared is largely reduced to lower air-conditioning. On the other hand, transmission is not deteriorated in the visible range to prevent the increment of illumination cost.
    • 小型攜帶式發電裝置 - 利用奈米矽粉與水直接產氫於燃料電池

      FutureTech 小型攜帶式發電裝置 - 利用奈米矽粉與水直接產氫於燃料電池

      Nano-sized silicon reacts rapidly with most water solutions to form pure hydrogen. However, high costlow availability are major issue. Our group has developed novel nano-sized silicon mass-production process, greatly improves its feasibilitycost for hydrogen generation. The in-time hydrogen generation by nano-size silicon, fuel-cell systemlithium ion battery system are all well integrated into one portable power system, which can satisfy general personnel electricity demand for some special conditions, such as battle field, emergency caseremote regions.
    • 鎦-177奈米金星: 新式核醫奈米診療材料藥物之研發

      FutureTech 鎦-177奈米金星: 新式核醫奈米診療材料藥物之研發

      Nanopharmaterial is a term by combining pharmaceuticalmaterial via nanotechnology. Here we demonstrate this concept by developing a novel nanopharmaterial, so called 177Lu-Gold nanostar (AuNS). 177Lu is a therapeutic radionuclide emitting moderate-energy beta particles as well as gamma rays for SPECT/CT-based imaging diagnosis. Nanostar can target tumors by enhanced permeability retention (EPR) effectsowns the photothermal therapeutic potent. The core technology is to integrate radionuclidenanomaterial to perform a new radio-nanopharmaterial for tumor target theranostic purpose.
    • Bi-specific antibodiesuses thereof

      Bio-tech & New Drugs FutureTech Bi-specific antibodiesuses thereof

      We developed a humanized bifunctional antibody (mPEG×tumor marker),the anti-PEG end can be non-covalently modified to bind any PEGylated nano-druga contrast agent by one-step "formulation". The non-covalent binding solved the problems of chemical modification such as the masking of the antibody binding site, heterogeneity, drug instability. The other end of the bifunctional antibody can specifical
    • Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Water Quality Monitoring Using Nanomaterials Immobilized Paper and a Flow Controllable Microfluidic Device

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Water Quality Monitoring Using Nanomaterials Immobilized Paper and a Flow Controllable Microfluidic Device

      Here we present a portable microfluidic device that can perform immunoassay for infectious disease diagnosis or detect heavy metal ions in water samples. The device is composed of two major components: nanomaterials modified paper-based detection platform and semi-automated flow manipulator. A reusable 3D-printed device is used to hold a disposable detection pad that modified with functional nanomaterials for water quality monitoring or antibodies for disease diagnosis. Besides, the use of spring-containing 3D-printed syringes manipulates a large-volume sample without manual actuation. Meanwhile, by controlling the flow rate via the linked flow regulator at the syringe outlet, solutions can react stably with the paper platform, which provides detection and pre-concentration effects.
    • Low-dose nanoscale biomimetic cell structure – Next-generation platform technology for advanced precision immunotherapy

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Low-dose nanoscale biomimetic cell structure – Next-generation platform technology for advanced precision immunotherapy

      We developed a biomimetic triple-antibody-immobilized magnetic fucoidan nanomedicine as a multifunctional artificial antigen presenting cell, which possessed the ability to not only inhibit immune checkpoint but activate tumor infiltrated T cells. of Bridging sites with tunable density on the nanoplatform was designed, allowing the antibodies to be well-distributed on the surface for mimicking immune cells. In contrast to the complex cell expansion process using microbeads in adaptive cell therapy, the nanoplatform can be i.v. administrated to cut the course of therapy from several weeks to days. With the development of the platform technology, an artificial immune system family can be built to pave the way for personalized immunotherapy.
    • Low temperature instant copper bondinghigh toughness/low resistance  RDL lines using 111 nanotwinned copper linesfoils

      Excellence Research Center FutureTech Low temperature instant copper bondinghigh toughness/low resistance RDL lines using 111 nanotwinned copper linesfoils

      Electroplated nanotwinned Cu possesses excellent electrical & mechanical properties. It can be applied in three major joints: 1. Low thermal budget/ low resistance Cu bonding for high performance computing chip. We are able to achieve low temperature bondinginstant bonding. Low temperature bonding is performed at 150°C for 1 h to achieve low contact resistance copper bonding. Instant bonding is performed at 300°C for 5 seconds under a pressure of 90MPa achieve low contact resistance. 2. High strength/ High ductility copper lines in 3D-IC packaging We are able to fabricate high strength foils with tensile strength of 800MPa. After annealing at 150°C for 3 hours, the foil retains a tensile strength of 750MPa. 3. Cu foils for lithium ion battery
    • 結合奈米技術與CRISPR/Cas9基因編輯應用於治療遺傳性疾病

      FutureTech 結合奈米技術與CRISPR/Cas9基因編輯應用於治療遺傳性疾病

      Supramolecular nanoparticles is a convenient, flexible,modular synthetic non-viral gene delivery vehicle for drug/gene delivery. The self-assembly of SMNPs is enabled upon mixing three different molecular building blocks, namely CD-PEI, Ad-PAMAM,Ad-PEG via Ad/CD motif-based molecular recognition. This allows modular control over the sizes, surface chemistry,payloads of SMNP vectors, thus holding promise for diverse therapeutic applications, especially for developing nanoparticle-based gene delivery platforms.
    • 開發鈀奈米薄膜電化學感測平台用於病毒檢測與抑制分子篩選

      FutureTech 開發鈀奈米薄膜電化學感測平台用於病毒檢測與抑制分子篩選

      Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infected human cell through ACE2. This study is developing a Pd nano-thin film electrode for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. This invention can quantify neutralize antibody too. The detection platform can be used to screen 1 microliter anti-virus infection drug sample within 21 mins. Compare to SPR standard, our invention only needs 1/10000 concentration of ACE2reaction volume is ~1/30 than SPR. This invention can be adapted in detection of cancer markers,other emergency infection diseasestherapeutic drugs, too.
    • 具臨床應用潛力之高亮度螢光金奈米團簇紅外光顯影劑技術

      FutureTech 具臨床應用潛力之高亮度螢光金奈米團簇紅外光顯影劑技術

      Our research team has developed a short-wave infrared light gold nanoclusters as an intraoperative fluorescent imaging agent, breaking the light emission limit of the previous gold nanoclusters, shifting the light emission position to the infrared spectrum, successfully avoiding the autofluorescence between the tissuesachieve deeper penetration along with instant bio-imaging. This technology has clearerdeeper imaging benefit with the potential to become a clinical medical infrared imaging agent.
    • 臨床前錐束X光激發光學與電腦斷層影像系統原型機

      FutureTech 臨床前錐束X光激發光學與電腦斷層影像系統原型機

      In CB-XLCT imaging, when nanophosphors are delivered to tumor tissues,irradiated by X-rays, luminescent light with wavelength range of 500-700 nm will be exciteddetected by optical camera from different directions. After reconstruction, it can provide tumor locations. The micro-CT subsystem also provide X-rays to excite nanoparticles for luminescence tomography.
    • Residual-glue-free biomimetic dry adhesives

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Residual-glue-free biomimetic dry adhesives

      Biomimetic adhesive has some characteristics: no residual glue, anisotropic adhesion, easy to be peeledstuckrepeated. Its adhesion could be adjusted depend on the application. The adhesive can be applied but not limited in wafer processing, movement of optoelectronic materials, 3C product assembly, daily-used fixation,producing a protective film for attaching to an object surface.
    • 以電紡技術固定化酵素製備時間溫度感應器的製作方法

      FutureTech 以電紡技術固定化酵素製備時間溫度感應器的製作方法

      The time-temperature indicator (TTI) developed by immobilizing laccase on electrospun fiber film with high specific surface area. The activation energycoloration of laccase TTI can be adjusted by pHaddition level of laccaseNaN3. This TTI exhibits high accuracy, stability, temperature reversibilitylow cost. The intelligent food packaging developed by this TTI can reduce the food wastethe food safety risk in traditional packaged foods.
    • IoT of food allergen detector system

      Medical Devices FutureTech IoT of food allergen detector system

      Our IoT of food allergen detection system has high sensitivityspecificity by magnetic nano-beads with advanced material coating. This advanced material successful inhibit biofouling in biosensor system. Other than this, Our system combine nanotechnology, biotechnology, IoTAI model. Device is small any easily carry to anywhere.