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    • 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      3D digital pathology imagingAI auxiliary diagnosis platform integrates 3D pathology sample preparation, high speed image scanning,intelligent software analysis into a novel system. We have collaborated with clinical pathologists to develop both 3D biopsy pathology imaging workflowthe world first 3D pathology image analysis software MetaLite, along with AI models pathology feature annotationquantitative analysis of solid tumor with high accuracy can be rapidly processed. We have transferred patented technology to start up JelloX Biotech Inc. at NTHU for further operation.
    • 攜帶式傳染病分子診斷系統

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 攜帶式傳染病分子診斷系統

      "We present here a portable device with isothermally mediated loop amplification (LAMP) for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The main components included (1) roller conveyor, (2) hotplate,(3) temperaturemotion control panels. After mixing all the solutions by rollingsqueezing the sealed compartments, the LAMP strip was heated for 30 min for amplification. Finally, fluorescence results can be read with the naked eyeon a smartphone under the UV lamp. The 700g device is powered by a portable charger, making it easier to detect pathogens in resource-limited environments."
    • 5D智慧城市─SmartES平台

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 5D智慧城市─SmartES平台

      NCREE has originally developed 5D digital space—on the basis of 3D city modelsconnections of different kinds of sensors around the world— is an online to offline virtual space with a combination of rising 5G technology advantages. Collectingreorganizing various 3D cartographic data with Building Information Modeling (BIM), satellite imagery, UAV 3D modeling, LiDar point cloud data, etc., can increase the diversity of the buildinglandscape. 5D+5G smart city platform would accelerate the 5D smart city to become the digital twin of a real city.
    • Startup Acceleration and International Promotions for the Medical Device Industry

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Startup Acceleration and International Promotions for the Medical Device Industry

      "Biomdcare’s Osteoporosis AI Screening Assistant is the first ever AI model to use hip X-ray image as the source to perform fast screening on Osteoporosis and has achieved 90% of accuracy. This Osteoporosis AI Screening Assistant can be equipped on mobile X-ray buses to help expand the screening area to communities and rural areas.;Mobiosense is leveraging the semiconductor expertise in Taiwan to develop a semiconductor biomolecule sensor that can directly detect biomolecules (proteins, DNA, etc) without any fluorescent or electrochemical reagents, enabling portable yet high sensitivity biotesting at the point of care without bulky, hard to use instruments;The Smart Hearing Solution combines innovative product design (IP) and artificial intelligence systems (AI) to enhance the quality of the user's hearing. It solves the problem that traditional hearing aids are completely unclear when talking to many people. The core technology of the product includes ""voice beamforming system design"", ""computer vision analysis technology"", ""AI deepening neural network"" to solve the problem of multi-human ""language noise"" noise reduction for international manufacturers (cocktail party effect)."
    • 國研創價醫材加速器平台

      FutureTech 國研創價醫材加速器平台

      Given its own researchdevelopment advantages of biomedical core facilities, as well as testingverification capabilities, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) provides a one-stop service for medical device R&D teams from prototype counseling to product testingverification. Based on the medical device accelerator platform, TIRI assisted the medical device R&D teams to accelerate the commercialization of their R&D results. Through the Medical Device Service Platform, TIRI helps manufacturers join in combatting the pandemic.
    • A therapeutic gel for diabetic wounds

      Bio-tech & New Drugs FutureTech A therapeutic gel for diabetic wounds

      Our results have demonstrated that our tissue gel can effectively promote angiogenesiswound healing in diabetic wounds. Our product prototype will be a powerful therapeutic product to treat diabetic foot ulcersgo further to rescue diabetic patients from amputation.
    • 互動式呼吸引導及預警系統

      FutureTech 互動式呼吸引導及預警系統

      The technology provides a new experience for remote respiratory rehabilitation care,let patients realize self-health management at home. The system has three characteristics: First, daily home pulmonary function tests to achieve early warning of disease. Second, the design of automatic feedback aperture valve provides the best positive expiratory pressure (PEP)for pulmonary rehabilitation,APP helps user to do breathing exercise. Third, electronic monitoring of inhaled medications with a two-way flow sensor module,APP helps user to guide the inhalation process.
    • Double Lumen Arthroscopic Cannula

      Medical Devices Innotech Expo Double Lumen Arthroscopic Cannula

      During arthroscopic surgery, the anchor suture is easy to tangleunable to fix the soft tissue using conventional one lumen cannula. Thus we design a novel “Double lumen cannula” containing a flexible septum inside the cannula which can separatechange the cannula volume dynamically into two lumen. This would decrease the surgical timesoft tissue injury,improve the security of su
    • A Manual CentrifugePaper Devices for Point-of-Care Diagnosis

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech A Manual CentrifugePaper Devices for Point-of-Care Diagnosis

      Here, we introduce an electricity-free centrifuge platform based on a manual centrifuge. The provided centrifugal force is sufficient to produce a plasma purity of 99 separated in as little as 2−3 min. We then performed an immunoassay on a paper devicethe results were observed by a portable reader. As a result, the detection limit of the C-Reactive Protein is 1 ng/mL, with a total turnaround time of 7 min.
    • 預防早產之非侵入性安胎子宮頸套環組

      FutureTech 預防早產之非侵入性安胎子宮頸套環組

      Despite the progress of medical technology, recurrent pregnancy losspremature birth are still a vast problem. One of the main reasons for these complications is cervical insufficiency. Although cervical cerclage is considered to be the standard method for preventing premature birth, it is an invasive procedure that requires anesthesiasurgical techniques, so it cannot be popularized among the pregnant population. The novel “non-invasive cervical ring” medical device has been developed to meet clinic needs for prevention of preterm labor due to cervical insufficiency.
    • Rapid diagnostic device for monitoring the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue

      Medical Devices FutureTech Rapid diagnostic device for monitoring the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue

      This rapid diagnostic device for monitoring the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue is expected to allow women to detect whether VEGFIL-6 are too high at home in a simplerapid manner. These two factors are also increasing in some gynecological cancers. Through the new device, it is convenient for women to self-monitoring women physiologically-relevant diseasespossible causes of abnormal bleeding in the future,seek appropriate medical treatment early.
    • Real time wireless diagnostic system

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Real time wireless diagnostic system

      "PressureDOT team will develop the first intra-abdominal pressure monitoringlocalization micro internet device of things, to integrate into critical care vital sign monitoring systemtake care of the critical patients. This will ensure our role in the marketset up market barrier in this type of medical devices. With this platform, we can collect the continuous physical signal from c
    • Wearable ultrasound device for diagnosis of sleep apnea

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Wearable ultrasound device for diagnosis of sleep apnea

      We developed a wearable ultrasound monitoring device to monitor the collapse of tongue roots of sleep respiratory patients throughout the night,completed clinical trials in the sleep center. The experimental results show that this device can effectively monitor OSA. The tongue structure changes at the timeintegrates ultrasound information into the commercial PSG system. It is expected