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    • 5D智慧城市─SmartES平台

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 5D智慧城市─SmartES平台

      NCREE has originally developed 5D digital space—on the basis of 3D city modelsconnections of different kinds of sensors around the world— is an online to offline virtual space with a combination of rising 5G technology advantages. Collectingreorganizing various 3D cartographic data with Building Information Modeling (BIM), satellite imagery, UAV 3D modeling, LiDar point cloud data, etc., can increase the diversity of the buildinglandscape. 5D+5G smart city platform would accelerate the 5D smart city to become the digital twin of a real city.
    • 突破物聯網的最後一哩:無晶片射頻辨識

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech 突破物聯網的最後一哩:無晶片射頻辨識

      The major cost of conventional RFID tags comes from a microchip. To reduce the start-up cost, we develop a chipless RFID system that eliminates the use of the chip. This research organize the real-world issues of chipless RFID into four subjects, including the design of chipless tags, chipless RFID readers, reader signal processing,wireless propagation channel. We successfully integrate the four topics, developing a calibration-free, orientation-insensitive,high-capacity chipless RFID system with multi-tag detection capability.
    • Application of Internet of Things(IoT)  in Flood Monitoring

      National ScienceTechnology Center for Disaster Reduction  FutureTech Application of Internet of Things(IoT) in Flood Monitoring

      Combining automatic real-time flood sensing technology from Civil IoT with real-time precipitation data from CWB to reduce the incidence of false alert. By merging technology with Google Street View, terrain data and real-time observation image from MOI, users can easily get information about flooded area through Disaster Response Decision Support System (DRDSS)
    • IoT of food allergen detector system

      Medical Devices FutureTech IoT of food allergen detector system

      Our IoT of food allergen detection system has high sensitivityspecificity by magnetic nano-beads with advanced material coating. This advanced material successful inhibit biofouling in biosensor system. Other than this, Our system combine nanotechnology, biotechnology, IoTAI model. Device is small any easily carry to anywhere.
    • A Secure IoT Communication Technique with Ultra Low Power Wake-Up Scheme

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech A Secure IoT Communication Technique with Ultra Low Power Wake-Up Scheme

      This work presents a low powersecure IoT communication scheme. A physical unclonable function (PUF) based mutual authentication scheme in conjunction with a trusted third party (TTP),the low power transceiver with secure wake-up mechanism are integrated for networkhardware security thereby enabling to extend the battery lifetimeensuring reliability for the IoT systems.
    • 精準智慧健康照護平台

      FutureTech 精準智慧健康照護平台

      We develops a precision smart healthcare platform to deliver a comprehensive medical care experience to the elderly by Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technology. The platform offers health education, community interaction, personal health information,rehabilitation logs. It can be used as a basis for clinical staff to conduct diagnosistreatment. The system development tools use PHP programming languageLaravel framework to develop all arithmetic logic,gradually complete the dynamic association databaseinteractive web page functions.
    • 無人化3D智慧海洋養殖場

      FutureTech 無人化3D智慧海洋養殖場

      This research team develops unmanned 3D intelligent marine aquaculture technology, using omni AIoT aquaculture technology, especially strengthening the integration of gyroplane, ROV, unmanned shipcentral control room,using long-distance intelligent control to make employees shift from traditional field work to basecentral control room. Due to the huge cross domain system of omni AIoT, it modularizes it, At the same time, edge computing technology is developed to facilitate commercial promotion.
    • A Badminton Training and Activities Recognition System

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech A Badminton Training and Activities Recognition System

      The system consists of a racket sensor, a smartphone App, and the IoT shuttlecock serving machines. Data of the 3-axis inertial sensor will be sent to the smartphone via Bluetooth for analysis. The App can recognize 7 stroke activities, including clear, cut, drive, lob, rush, net play, and smash using machine learning algorithms, while the speed, force, and stroke times are recorded at the same time. The App also enables the user to set parameters of the serving machines for assigning shot placements and serving schedules.
    • 以工興藝-科技文保聯用技術

      FutureTech 以工興藝-科技文保聯用技術

      "a.The Digital ArchivingConservation System of Cultural Relics combines various imaging techniques like catoptric imaging, 3D renderingmulti-spectral imaging, which provides multiple scientific images data for the inspection of cultural relics. b.Environment Detection System allows controlling the environmental device from a far distance."
    • AIoT smart aquaculture management systems

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech AIoT smart aquaculture management systems

      Our team construct an AIoT smart aquaculture management system. The management system mainly consists of: (1) Image Behavior MonitoringAnalysis Subsystem (2) Smart Feeding Subsystem (3) IOT Subsystem including underwater sensors, ROV,Drone (4) Cloud Subsystem (5) Big Data Analysis Subsystem.
    • Next Precision Weightlifting Platform

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Next Precision Weightlifting Platform

      The main purpose of this invention is to provide a training system with the surrounding photographing unit, the display unit,a force platform. The system can immediately capture the motion of the user from various angles,measure the force of the user from both legs, in order to provide the useful biofeedback information to coachesathletes.
    • 可收集「環境電磁輻射」與「身體動能」的發電與自驅動感測纖維

      FutureTech 可收集「環境電磁輻射」與「身體動能」的發電與自驅動感測纖維

      The first multifunctional elastic (650) fiber that can scavenge biomechanical energyelectromagnetic energy from surrounding electrical appliances is developed as a wearable power providervarious self-powered sensors. These findings optimally unify mechanical freedomthe capability of harvesting biomechanical energyelectromagnetic energy from surrounding electrical appliances as well as self-powered sensing in a single fiber.
    • 自主無人機巡檢系統

      FutureTech 自主無人機巡檢系統

      With our autonomous UAV systems, we can effectively reduce many high-riskhigh-cost inspections which require high manpower, such as inspections of dams, river, coastline patrols, etc Operators only need to setuplaunch the system to allow the UAV to complete the designated tasks independently. The UAV will fly autonomously through visual navigation,will detect, record, measuremark the specified objects accordingly, while updating information to the satellite aerial image using spatial positioning technology, so that stakeholders can have a more comprehensive understanding on overall situation.
    • Consumables-free, remote,rapid optical detection of plant pathogensDr. Lan

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Consumables-free, remote,rapid optical detection of plant pathogensDr. Lan

      Based on the optical fluorescence of the plant, the technology distinguishes the difference of the main protein infected by virus from the normal ones with the feature light. The main difference of this technology is to omit the complicatedbiochemical-material- consumption procedures. With the establishment of big data, the artificial intelligence algorithm identifies whether the implant is.
    • The Development of Lead-Free Piezoelectric MEMS Triaxial Accelerometer System for Safety Monitoring of Unmanned Vehicles

      FutureTech The Development of Lead-Free Piezoelectric MEMS Triaxial Accelerometer System for Safety Monitoring of Unmanned Vehicles

      "The team established material doping technology to greatly improve the piezoelectric properties of lead-free materials,successfully prepared MEMS lead-free triaxial piezoelectric accelerometers. The use of lead-free materials is the world's first development result. In addition, the team also integrated sensors, back-end circuitsuser interfaces, applied the acceleration gauge system to the safety monitoring of unmanned vehicles,successfully integrated the intelligent integrated sensingcontrol system required in the Internet of Things era."
    • 智慧都市治理:融合AIOT與即時城市異質大數據之時空預測模型

      FutureTech 智慧都市治理:融合AIOT與即時城市異質大數據之時空預測模型

      We propose a spatial-temporal inference model, which uses a large amount of spatialtemporal data in the city to help governmentsenterprises predict future long-short-term important urban indicator values, such as traffic flow, human mobility, pollution level, number of criminal caseseven commercial profitability. The SIM model exploits IoT to integrate multiple real-time geospatial big data, including population, the flow of people, geographical data, Traffic,real-time sensor values. SIM can make effective predictionsprovide explainability for making decisions.
    • Baseball finger force sensingwireless transmission device with time-series big data analysis system

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Baseball finger force sensingwireless transmission device with time-series big data analysis system

        This pressure-detection smart baseball obtains applied force, dynamicinertial features of pitcher during pitching. Through the connection between wireless moduleterminal, data will be transferredprovides vibration as a pitching signal. Also, precise adjustment is achievable through back-end analysiscustomized training formulation, which enhances pitching ability, optimizes training,improves pitcher's condition assessment.
    • 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      FutureTech 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      Our technology combines optimized semiconductor manufacturing technique with unique biomediator preparation to achieve the first reliable POC biosensing platform. Sensors developed according to this method possess reproducibility, accuracy,stability that meet POC. Our sensors are portable, require low sample volume, do not require sample processing,are extremely suitable for use in POC settings. They can also be integrated into IoT systems to aide in rapid decision making,can be mass produced. Overall, we are the first to achieve accessible, reliable detection at the POC.
    • free5GC: 5th generation mobile core network

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech free5GC: 5th generation mobile core network

      Although there are few open-source core network projects, none of them are conformed to 3GPP Release 15 (R15). The free5GC is the first one in the world based on 3GPP R15. The ultimate goal of free5GC is to implement a full commercial, operational core network including Operation, AdministrationManagement (OAM), orchestrator,network slicing complied with 3GPP R15beyond.
    • 地震預警與結構安全監測

      FutureTech 地震預警與結構安全監測

      "On site EEWS system could detect very minor seismic P wavepredict upcoming earthquake intensitygive advanced warning to high precision manufacturerIOT devices to enable service like vocallighting warning system for early escape, gas auto shut down, elevator stop system. Structural safety monitor system could give you a flash assessment report for you to take earliersafer next step."
    • 5G Low Latency Massive Access Technology

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 5G Low Latency Massive Access Technology

      The CPS-OFDM technology by NTU enjoys the best spectral efficiencydesign flexibility among the 5G candidate new waveform designs. CPS-OFDM is integratedjointly optimized with the high performance SCMA by Univ of Surrey to achieve high communication efficiency, high reliability, low latency, for boosting the productivity of the factories of the future (FoF).
    • 應用於預防心血管疾病之無線生理檢測晶片系統與平台

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 應用於預防心血管疾病之無線生理檢測晶片系統與平台

      The technology of 「Guard Patch」includes three parts. 1. Wearable devices, 2. Intelligent wireless monitoring system. 3. Cloud server with AI to avoid the happen of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The products of 「Guard Patch」also includes three parts: 1. Medical Market: (1) YuGuard, (2) YuSound, (3) YuRine. 2. Wearable Market: (1) YuCloth, (2) YuPet, (3) YuBelt. 3.Educative Market: TriAnswer. The mentioned seven products developed by Yutech can be employed in medical, wearable, educative markets to satisfy the different demands of customersachieve the dream of 「Bioelectronics Garden」
    • 生醫/防疫感測晶片研發服務

      FutureTech 生醫/防疫感測晶片研發服務

      The TSRI biomedicalepidemic prevention sensor chip platform uses multi-functional integrated design, with advanced sensorchip design technologies integrating with AI systems, to achieve the goal of diversified epidemic prevention. The platform is open for R&D teams from industryuniversities to develop genetic engineering modification of specific virus typesestablish DNA identification technology, as well as to accelerate development cycle for emerging virus detectorsshorten the virus detection time.
    • MethodStructure of stacking 3D-IC Employing Controlled-Grain Semiconductor Film

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech MethodStructure of stacking 3D-IC Employing Controlled-Grain Semiconductor Film

      The location of controlled-grain Si island is determined by the pattern of “cooling holes”. The grain size is determined by the distance between “holes” due to lateral grain growth using pulse laser crystallization. This predictability allows the transistorscircuits to stay away from the grain boundaries for monolithic