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    • 5D智慧城市─SmartES平台

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 5D智慧城市─SmartES平台

      NCREE has originally developed 5D digital space—on the basis of 3D city modelsconnections of different kinds of sensors around the world— is an online to offline virtual space with a combination of rising 5G technology advantages. Collectingreorganizing various 3D cartographic data with Building Information Modeling (BIM), satellite imagery, UAV 3D modeling, LiDar point cloud data, etc., can increase the diversity of the buildinglandscape. 5D+5G smart city platform would accelerate the 5D smart city to become the digital twin of a real city.
    • 突破物聯網的最後一哩:無晶片射頻辨識

      Electronic & Optoelectronics FutureTech 突破物聯網的最後一哩:無晶片射頻辨識

      The major cost of conventional RFID tags comes from a microchip. To reduce the start-up cost, we develop a chipless RFID system that eliminates the use of the chip. This research organize the real-world issues of chipless RFID into four subjects, including the design of chipless tags, chipless RFID readers, reader signal processing,wireless propagation channel. We successfully integrate the four topics, developing a calibration-free, orientation-insensitive,high-capacity chipless RFID system with multi-tag detection capability.
    • Application of Internet of Things(IoT)  in Flood Monitoring

      National ScienceTechnology Center for Disaster Reduction  FutureTech Application of Internet of Things(IoT) in Flood Monitoring

      Combining automatic real-time flood sensing technology from Civil IoT with real-time precipitation data from CWB to reduce the incidence of false alert. By merging technology with Google Street View, terrain data and real-time observation image from MOI, users can easily get information about flooded area through Disaster Response Decision Support System (DRDSS)
    • 利用機器學習分析惡意流量特徵

      FutureTech 利用機器學習分析惡意流量特徵

      The network technology plays an important role in the industrial control systems (ICS)then has become the target of cyber-attackers. For industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) applications with limited computing resources, designing an effective NIDS is challenging. A compacteffective NIDS for IIoT is proposedvalidated by using the more recent UNSW-NB 15 dataset to improve the detection capability against new types of attacks in the real world. Experimental results show that the proposed method achieves better performance than previous methods.
    • 癌症檢測之磁電化學物聯網傳感系統

      FutureTech 癌症檢測之磁電化學物聯網傳感系統

      The innovative technology is based on the unique biomimetic material, including immunomagnetic nanoparticlesa portable IoT detection device, promoting the detection speed, accuracy,precision of the target molecule. Featuring with the excellent ability of minimizing the non-specific binding, this technology decreases false negative/false positive successfully. The device combines IoTAI module for statisticscalculation on the cloud for building up a magneto-electrochemical IoT sensing system for the integrated isolationprofiling of extracellular vesicles from plasma.
    • 設施蘆筍農業機具與智能作物生產決策系統

      FutureTech 設施蘆筍農業機具與智能作物生產決策系統

      An automated agricultural machinean intelligent crop production decision-making system are developed for greenhouse asparagus growth monitoring. Automationenergy-saving machinery technologiesInternet of Things/information communication techniques are adopted to achieve the goal of "saving laboreffort"improve "management technologies". The developed machinesystem can greatly improve the qualityquantity of domestic asparagus production,achieve the dual goals of stabilizing the outputenhancing quality of harvested asparagus.
    • Intelligent Multi-wavelength Lighting System

      National Applied Research Laboratories FutureTech Intelligent Multi-wavelength Lighting System

      An intelligent multi-wavelength lighting system was developed and the wavelength and brightness of the lighting system can be adjusted for clinical use by physicians. It is also equipped with several functions such as reminder of lighting, parameter records of use time, lighting brightness and wavelengths. The systems could help the patients adjust the physiological parameters based on the deployment of lighting system. The using lighting parameters would upload to the data base in cloud, and which can compare with the psychological evaluation parameters for treatment physical impact analysis in hospital. With the lighting system, the problem such as poor sleep quality can be greatly improved, and the occurrence probability of mild cognitive impairment and dementia can be deferred.
    • Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food SafetyEpidemic Prevention

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food SafetyEpidemic Prevention

      The innovative technology which is based on the unique biomimetic material, including immunomagnetic nanoparticles, aqueous extraction solvent,a portable IoT detection device promotes the detection speed, accuracy,precision of the target molecule. Featuring with the excellent ability of non-specific binding, this technology decreased the probability of false-negative/false-positive succe
    • 智慧魚苗生產系統

      FutureTech 智慧魚苗生產系統

      The invention focuses on the early fry culture, including algae, live-food organism, water quality control, fine image detection,automated intelligent culture technology. By connecting environmental parameter sensing equipment, fine image observation equipment, automatic feedback/delivering equipment,central intelligent learning/processing platform, an intelligent production system of aquatic fry can be completed,the big data on production parameters can be collected, optimizing breeding strategiesefficiency,increasing the breeding profitability more than 10 times.
    • 高解析度光學微影銀漿

      FutureTech 高解析度光學微影銀漿

      Current 5G communication devices have a huge demand in high resolutiondensity of metal conducting wires in electronics ( 40 μm line width/line spacing), which cannot be achieved by conventional screen printing (100 μm). Our group cooperated with Ample Technology to develop a new-generation silver conductive paste which enables photolithographyachieves outstanding line resolution (5 μm width/13 μm spacing). The paste is simple to useperforms comparable of those of major European, AmericanJapanese manufacturers.
    • An Intelligent Piano Training System

      AI & IOT Application Innotech Expo An Intelligent Piano Training System

      This creative platform is about an interactive music platform. The main purpose is to enable users to integrate musicinteract to achieve the effect of a music theory that combines the basic rhythm of training with the basics of learning.
    • 以二維材料為基礎的ppb等級氣體偵測器

      FutureTech 以二維材料為基礎的ppb等級氣體偵測器

      Based on the mass production technique to fabricate 2D materials developed by our group, efficient gas sensors against NOx with sensitivity of 100 ppb are successfully demonstrated. In comparison to international competitors, our products exhibit superior sensitivityselectivity. Furthermore, the technique would be extended to other 2D materials to fabricate various gas sensors against multiple target gases. The integration with internet of things would then open new feasibilities for early monitoring in environmental pollutionhuman safety.
    • Speaker-aware Speech Enhancement

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Speaker-aware Speech Enhancement

      The overall system first extracts embedded speaker identity features using a neural network model, then the deep neural network speech enhancement takes the augmented features as the input to generate the enhanced spectra. With the additional embedded features, the speech enhancement system can be guided to generate the optimal output corresponding to the speaker identity.
    • Intelligent Scalp Detection System

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Intelligent Scalp Detection System

      This system uses the innovative AIoT application to target annoying scalp maintenance problemsdevelops an intelligent scalp detectionmanagement system. The core of the technology is to use deep learning-based object detection models. Tens of thousands of microscopic image data sets that are labeledtrained for scalp symptoms. As a result, the scalp image recognition module is develop, such as dandruff, hair loss, oil, and inflammation, etc. Hence this system can provide scalp detection, and maintenance effectiveness tracking functions lead scalp maintenance services to a new level of intelligent management.
    • Consumables-free, remote,rapid optical detection of plant pathogensDr. Lan

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Consumables-free, remote,rapid optical detection of plant pathogensDr. Lan

      Based on the optical fluorescence of the plant, the technology distinguishes the difference of the main protein infected by virus from the normal ones with the feature light. The main difference of this technology is to omit the complicatedbiochemical-material- consumption procedures. With the establishment of big data, the artificial intelligence algorithm identifies whether the implant is.
    • 利用環境Wi-Fi訊號進行感測之防疫用途非接觸健康監測系統

      FutureTech 利用環境Wi-Fi訊號進行感測之防疫用途非接觸健康監測系統

      An IOT sensor was presented to detect human motionvital signs with Wi-Fi signals. It mainly combines MIMO beamforming, injection-locking radarmachine learning techniques to recognizetrack physicalphysiological activities for health status monitoring. As a proof of concept for pandemic prevention, the presented sensor aims to inspect whether someone is exhibiting signssymptoms of COVID-19 infection within the Wi-Fi coverage area, such as fatigue, cough, shortness of breathirregular heart rhythm,even to detect sudden death.
    • Exhaust cabinet with air curtain isolation

      Smart machinerynovel materials Innotech Expo Exhaust cabinet with air curtain isolation

      The water two-phase change is used for energy conversion,the average air flow rate of the invention can be completely isolated as long as 0.2 m/sec, which can save 6RT freezing capacity equivalent to 6KW energy consumption compared with the conventional smoke exhausting cabinet body, effectively interacting with the outside world. Space isolation to avoid leakage of high pollution toxic gases
    • 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      FutureTech 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      Our technology combines optimized semiconductor manufacturing technique with unique biomediator preparation to achieve the first reliable POC biosensing platform. Sensors developed according to this method possess reproducibility, accuracy,stability that meet POC. Our sensors are portable, require low sample volume, do not require sample processing,are extremely suitable for use in POC settings. They can also be integrated into IoT systems to aide in rapid decision making,can be mass produced. Overall, we are the first to achieve accessible, reliable detection at the POC.
    • The comprehensive multi-tier long-term care delivery information platform

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech The comprehensive multi-tier long-term care delivery information platform

      This project aims to incorporate the state-of-the-art InformationCommunication Technologies (ICT), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data techniques in linking every aspect of community-based integrated long-term care (LTC), improving the efficiency of care servicesadministrative process,to realize the idea of Aging in Place emphasized in the Long-term Care Policy 2.0 in Taiwan.
    • 紡織品柔性電路製程及穿戴聯網技術

      FutureTech 紡織品柔性電路製程及穿戴聯網技術

      "The SPC process technology developed by our team has a patented cloth surface treatmentmultiple layers of conductive circuit layers (Layout) without etchingtransfer printing processes. It can not only be continuously automated production (piece to piece), but also Environmental protection, in line with the green trend of cleaner production. Features: 1. E-textiles 2. Twistable 3. Folded (0-180 degree angle) 4. Cleaning 5. Customized"