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    • 雙重增強表面增強拉曼散射感測器的超靈敏和快速檢測COVID-19 病毒

      FutureTech 雙重增強表面增強拉曼散射感測器的超靈敏和快速檢測COVID-19 病毒

      PCR, a gold-standard diagnostic method, were labor-intensive, time-consuming,costly, which restricted its application to widespread screening. Herein, this study purposes a one-potnon-washing method to rapidly detect virus by dual-SERS mechanism. COVID Antigens were captured by SERS nanoparticlesnovel SERS substrate simultaneously to achieve 6 order enhancements within 20 minutes. The dual-SERS sensors have reached a detection limit of 1 ng/ml in clinical samples for recognizing nucleocapsid & Spike proteins of COVID-19, which is comparable with PCR results.
    • AI動態老藥新用平台及COVID-19應用

      FutureTech AI動態老藥新用平台及COVID-19應用

      We propose an AI dynamics drug repurposing platform applicate on COVID-19. This platform analyzed a large number of structures of SARS-CoV, MERS,cross-species coronavirus 3CL protease-ligand complexes to construct uncovering six flexible active site conformationspharmacophore clusters for SARS-CoV-2 3CL protease screening all FDA drugsfound four inhibitors within three months. Among them, JM206 had even demonstrated ten times better efficacy than Remdesivir in-vitro assayalso show the effect on the in-vivo hamster model to alleviate the symptoms caused by COVID-19.
    • 當代病毒防衛技術平台:SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM 快篩試劑

      FutureTech 當代病毒防衛技術平台:SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM 快篩試劑

      SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid test has high detection sensitivity, which can provide rapid detection of early COVID-19 infection. This SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid test can detect whether there are IgM antibodies produced in the early stage of infection (within 7 days of symptoms onset) with one drop of the specimen (serumfingertip blood) in 15 minutes by naked eyes compared with LFIA antibody rapid test. It is worth noting that the SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid test can accurately detect the patients with positive infection within 7 days of the onset of symptoms compared with LFIA.
    • BPRSJ338: Therapeutic Applications for COVID-19

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech BPRSJ338: Therapeutic Applications for COVID-19

      BPRSJ338 exhibits high potency of anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity and is in development for fighting COVID-19 as a first-in-class drug. BPRSJ338 also potently inhibits against broad-spectrum coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, HCoV-229E, HCoV-OC43, TGEV, FIPV and MHV. Related US and Taiwan patents have been granted.​ Therefore it is also applicable to fight against severe evolving coronaviruses in the future.
    • 具降懸浮微粒功能的舒適型牙科手機

      FutureTech 具降懸浮微粒功能的舒適型牙科手機

      Here, we develop a comfortable dental headpiece with aerosol reduction function as shown in Figure 3. This can not only help reduce the air pollution, but also reduce noisevibration, enabling future dental treatment to be safermore pleasant. Air curtain are traditionally used to contain pollutants in large area, here we used the air curtain technology to contain air pollutants in a small area at the sourceadded negative ions to remove air pollutants within. This technology can also be applied to other handheld tool that emits air pollution.
    • 國研創價醫材加速器平台

      FutureTech 國研創價醫材加速器平台

      Given its own researchdevelopment advantages of biomedical core facilities, as well as testingverification capabilities, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) provides a one-stop service for medical device R&D teams from prototype counseling to product testingverification. Based on the medical device accelerator platform, TIRI assisted the medical device R&D teams to accelerate the commercialization of their R&D results. Through the Medical Device Service Platform, TIRI helps manufacturers join in combatting the pandemic.
    • Development of NRICM101 - A Novel Anti-COVID-19 TCM Therapy

      FutureTech Development of NRICM101 - A Novel Anti-COVID-19 TCM Therapy

      NRICM101 has revealed positive outcome in COVID-19 treatment clinically. Pharmacological studies have confirmed that it can neutralize the SARS-CoV-2, block virus infection, inhibit virus growth,reduce the occurrence of cytokine storms. NRICM101 has been non-exclusively authorized by 8 Taiwanese GMP-certified TCM pharmaceuticals. At present, NRICM101 is seeing an increasing worldwide demand,has received Emergency Use Authorization from the Ministry of HealthWelfare of Taiwan. Asymptomaticmildly ill patients of COVID-19 are expected to benefit from it.
    • 以幾丁聚醣鼻噴劑促進嗅覺神經上皮再生治療嗅覺失常

      FutureTech 以幾丁聚醣鼻噴劑促進嗅覺神經上皮再生治療嗅覺失常

      The prevalence of olfactory dysfunction increases significantly in recent years. More than 35 patients with COVID-19 have sequelae of olfactory dysfunction after recovery. However, there are no effective treatments for sensorineural olfactory dysfunction to date. This is the first report demonstrates that chitosan can promote differentiation of olfactory receptor neuronsregenerate olfactory neuroepithelium. Further intranasal administration of chitosan will be developed for treating olfactory dysfunction.
    • Building A Deep Learning-based Chest X-ray CADe Platform MedCheX

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Building A Deep Learning-based Chest X-ray CADe Platform MedCheX

      As we continue to face the rapid increase in confirmed Coronavirus cases around the world, we created an AI-based pneumonia detection platform for COVID-19. The system is able to automatically detect high-risk patients with pneumonia that will then send information to doctors. With that information, the doctors are then able to make follow-up decisions and provide a treatment plan after the diagnosis. In specific, doctors from the Department of Medical Imaging provided us thousands of positive and negative chest x-rays for pneumonia as a training set. Our system has already been tested with and adopted by doctors at the NCKU Hospital. The system achieved 95% accuracy to detect the pneumonia symptom, based on 1400 test images.
    • 新冠肺炎病毒以及其變異株的單醣化棘突蛋白疫苗

      FutureTech 新冠肺炎病毒以及其變異株的單醣化棘突蛋白疫苗

      Monoglycosylated spike protein vaccine provides better protection against infections of SARS-CoV-2its variants of concern. Spike protein, which is the main immunogen in all current vaccines, is heavily glycosylatedthe epitopes covered by glycans are usually less immunogenic. Monoglycosylated spike protein vaccine, when vaccinated, can elicit better immune response with a more complete protection against all possible epitopes from spike polypeptide sequence,provide better protection against infections from variants of concerns.
    • COVID-19全球即時疫情地圖

      FutureTech COVID-19全球即時疫情地圖

      The National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) of the National Applied Research Laboratories uses API (application programming interface) to connect public data from Johns Hopkins UniversityTaiwan's Ministry of HealthWelfare. That means when raw data updated, the website will also automatically update its numbers. The purpose is to let people discuss in a scientificobjective waydata could be verified a step further.
    • 變種冠狀病毒蛋白晶片:疫情與後疫情時代之應用

      FutureTech 變種冠狀病毒蛋白晶片:疫情與後疫情時代之應用

      Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19ongoing mutants, we developed a coronavirus variant protein microarray that includes all the current spike mutationsthe wild-type viral antigensapplied in detecting immune responsesdrug specificities. We filed the patientspublished our findings in the Analytical Chemistry. Besides massive production of the coronavirus protein microarray, we also collaborated with a scanner company, developed artificial intelligence software,collaborated with suppliers. We are welcome any sort of collaboration.
    • 新冠肺炎相關研究小鼠小鼠模式之建構

      FutureTech 新冠肺炎相關研究小鼠小鼠模式之建構

      Our core generated several types of transgenic micea stable humanized ACE2 mice using a combi-CRISPR genetic engineering technique. We hope these mouse models can help to dissect COVID-19 pathogenic mechanismthe interaction(s) between spike proteinACE2 K353.
    • COVID-19動物模式- 擬人化小鼠及免疫分析平台

      FutureTech COVID-19動物模式- 擬人化小鼠及免疫分析平台

      Two COVID-19 animal models, including humanized Ace2 micehuman peripheral blood lymphocyte transplanted mice, are used to mimic COVID-19 infection, immune responsecytokine release syndrome in human. The immune analytical platform can further outline the immune cell, cytokinebiomarker response pattern after viral infection. The COVID-19 humanized animal modelthe immune analytical platform will support COVID-19 related researchfacilitate new drugnew therapy validation.
    • 治療多種癌症與纖維化之首創抗體新藥

      FutureTech 治療多種癌症與纖維化之首創抗體新藥

      Ninety percent of human diseases are related to abnormal inflammation. WJM team has successfully developed a new monoclonal antibody that can inhibit a key inflammation protein. Animal experiments have accumulated more than ten disease modes, including a variety of solid tumors, fibrosis, degenerativecardiovascular diseases. This antibody is qualified as an orphan drug for the treatment of IPF. New coronary pneumonia has greatly increased the demand for pulmonary fibrosis treatment,has also become an important target for mergersacquisitions of global pharmaceutical companies.
    • 測溫式側流免疫分析法和檢測儀

      FutureTech 測溫式側流免疫分析法和檢測儀

      We have developed a low-costportable reader for thermometric lateral flow immunoassay (TLFIA) using colloidal goldlatex beads as reportersa continuous-wave green laser as the heating source. Instead of using infrared cameras, a single-element infrared sensor is employed for temperature sensing without compromising the sensitivity of the reader. The thermometric assay provides a 10× higher sensitivity than color visualizationthe results are sufficiently quantitative to support decision making in point-of-care testing for infectious diseases (such as COVID-19).
    • 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      FutureTech 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台

      Our technology combines optimized semiconductor manufacturing technique with unique biomediator preparation to achieve the first reliable POC biosensing platform. Sensors developed according to this method possess reproducibility, accuracy,stability that meet POC. Our sensors are portable, require low sample volume, do not require sample processing,are extremely suitable for use in POC settings. They can also be integrated into IoT systems to aide in rapid decision making,can be mass produced. Overall, we are the first to achieve accessible, reliable detection at the POC.
    • 結合虛擬實境與慣性姿態感測器之防疫機器代理人

      FutureTech 結合虛擬實境與慣性姿態感測器之防疫機器代理人

      We have designed a remotely-controlled robot which equipped with a 360 degree full HD camera. User’s postures are detected by measuring the accelerationrotation of changes of limb postures using inertial measurement units (IMU). User’s motion commands are wirelessly transmitted to actuate the remote robot in accordance with user’s posture. The 360 degree full scene camera keeps transmitting the real-time situation of the scene surrounding the robot back to the user, displayed on the VR headset.
    • Post COVID-19, novel critical green energy material with local supply chain

      Excellence Research Center FutureTech Post COVID-19, novel critical green energy material with local supply chain

      (1) Gel-type solid electrolytes and All solid-state electrolytes for Lithium Ion Battery (LIBs) (2) Fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cells by printing process and its applications on Internet-of-Things (IoT) - MOST 2019 Award (3) Silicon-carbon coating anode materials for LIBs: SiLican startup company growth and global business layout (4) Power enhanced Intermediate Temperature Solid State Fuel Cell (SOFC) (5) Worldwide highest conversion efficiency (19.4%) perovskite solar cells (6) Industrial linking and Product design : LevioPole and Smart motorcycle suitcase
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