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    • 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台

      3D digital pathology imagingAI auxiliary diagnosis platform integrates 3D pathology sample preparation, high speed image scanning,intelligent software analysis into a novel system. We have collaborated with clinical pathologists to develop both 3D biopsy pathology imaging workflowthe world first 3D pathology image analysis software MetaLite, along with AI models pathology feature annotationquantitative analysis of solid tumor with high accuracy can be rapidly processed. We have transferred patented technology to start up JelloX Biotech Inc. at NTHU for further operation.
    • 見微知著:基於極少樣本學習之人工智慧光學檢測影像元件偵測

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 見微知著:基於極少樣本學習之人工智慧光學檢測影像元件偵測

      We propose a novel AI-based few-shot self-supervised learning method for automatic optical inspection image quality assessmentcomponent detection based on only few training images. Our method iteratively learns the feature representations of the components by using self-similarity of these components. With the large number of self-learned representations, the appearance variations of each component are then effectively learned in the AI model for component detectionmeasurement. The computation complexity of our method is significantly lower than that of deep learning methods.
    • 串連電商及線下購物的新消費型態 - 高擬真虛擬試穿

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 串連電商及線下購物的新消費型態 - 高擬真虛擬試穿

      We propose a semantic-guided framework (FashionOn+) that generates image-based virtual try-on results with arbitrary poses. FashionOn+ contains three stages: (I) conducts the semantic segmentation to have the prior knowledge of body parts for rendering the corresponding texture in stage (II). (III) refines two salient regions, i.e., faceclothes, to generate high-quality results. With the novel architecture, we win first place in the Multi-pose Virtual Try-on Challenge in CVPR, 2020. Further, we tackle the low-resolution limitation (256x192)achieve high-resolution results (640x480).
    • Artificial Intelligence for Customs Fraud Detection

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Artificial Intelligence for Customs Fraud Detection

      With the astronomically growing trade flows, customs administrations need effective and explainable methods to detect suspicious transactions. This project presents a novel artificial intelligence-based model named DATE that ranks trade flows in the order of fraud risk and to maximize customs revenue. We confirm the superiority of DATE over state-of-the-art AI models, with a remarkable precision of 92.7% on illegal cases and a recall of 49.3% on revenue after inspecting only 1% of all trade flows. Predictions of DATE are also interpretable from the attention mechanism. We are deploying DATE in Nigeria and Malawi Customs Services, in collaboration with the World Customs Organization (WCO). DATE has been published in ACM KDD 2020, which is an AI top conference.
    • Development of cutting knowledge base to enhance machine tool performance

      Smart machinerynovel materials FutureTech Development of cutting knowledge base to enhance machine tool performance

      "Tool replacementtool life diagnosis" in smart manufacturing is a key link between the quality of workpiecethe efficiency of the manufacturing process, so it is an indicator of the operating efficiency of machine tools. This technology combines on-site monitoring data, laboratory analysisdeep learning to provide best tool selectionprocessing parameter combinations for
    • 無人化3D智慧海洋養殖場

      FutureTech 無人化3D智慧海洋養殖場

      This research team develops unmanned 3D intelligent marine aquaculture technology, using omni AIoT aquaculture technology, especially strengthening the integration of gyroplane, ROV, unmanned shipcentral control room,using long-distance intelligent control to make employees shift from traditional field work to basecentral control room. Due to the huge cross domain system of omni AIoT, it modularizes it, At the same time, edge computing technology is developed to facilitate commercial promotion.
    • The establishment of National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan (NBCT)

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech The establishment of National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan (NBCT)

      This project will establish a National biobank consortium of Taiwan through the fund support from the government. The National Health Research Institutes will establish a Central Office for the collaboration works, which includes collecting the number of samples of the human biological database in each biobank that agreed to join the Consortium. All Alliance need to follow the same SOP for the collection processthe quality of the biosample. Adequateconsistent clinical data will also be established under the Information Security Management Treaty. Since the contents of the biobanks from different institute are quite different, we will be able to quickly establish a largecomprehensive biobank network.In line with the need of biotechnologypharmaceutical industries.
    • 人工智慧於息肉狀脈絡膜血管病變之診斷與治療決策之應用

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech 人工智慧於息肉狀脈絡膜血管病變之診斷與治療決策之應用

      This system help doctors to distinguish age-related macular degeneration (ARMD)polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV) by color fundus photography. We have collected large image dataset from Taipei Veterans General Hospitalother hospitals to establishvalidate CNN model, which had been tested by external image datasetmodified to improve the accuracy of the AI model.
    • 設施蘆筍農業機具與智能作物生產決策系統

      FutureTech 設施蘆筍農業機具與智能作物生產決策系統

      An automated agricultural machinean intelligent crop production decision-making system are developed for greenhouse asparagus growth monitoring. Automationenergy-saving machinery technologiesInternet of Things/information communication techniques are adopted to achieve the goal of "saving laboreffort"improve "management technologies". The developed machinesystem can greatly improve the qualityquantity of domestic asparagus production,achieve the dual goals of stabilizing the outputenhancing quality of harvested asparagus.
    • 智能精準放射治療系統研發

      FutureTech 智能精準放射治療系統研發

      This technology uses deep learning technology to establish six automatic organ segmentation models for six organsa graphical user interface for doctors. The data is exchanged with the existing radiotherapy planning system by standard formats. Analysis of the dosimetric parameters of the 3D printed customized bolus demonstrated that it is provided good dose escalationgood contact with the irregular surface.
    • 運用人工智慧技術建構胸腔X光影像偵測早期肺癌病灶模型

      FutureTech 運用人工智慧技術建構胸腔X光影像偵測早期肺癌病灶模型

      With the rise in computing power, deep-learning based computer-aided diagnosis systems have gained interest in the research community. Our system process the images to assist doctors to determine whether the patients have nodules in lungs. Meanwhile, we utilized the Feature Pyramid Network to extend the receptive field on the convolutional kernel, which improved the performance on the nodule detection with various locations in CXR. The semi-supervised learning mechanism also achieves the way of soft-annotation to reduce human effort in medical image annotation.
    • 人工智慧自動化優質細胞選取精進平台

      FutureTech 人工智慧自動化優質細胞選取精進平台

      Induced pluripotent stem cells are a promising new technology in translation medicine,AI technology is an automaticpowerful platform that can help identify cell images with unique characteristics, predictprovide information about cell types, differentiation stages, cell quality,normal Or disease-specific feature information. The combination of this induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation platformAI-based artificial intelligence image analysis technology will have great benefits for future cell product applications.
    • 以統合分析與機器學習技術建構集成式大腦生物年齡估算平台

      FutureTech 以統合分析與機器學習技術建構集成式大腦生物年齡估算平台

      Based on our long-term accumulated healthy brain image database, we used meta-analysismultivariate analytical algorithms to extract the cognitive biological characteristics of individual subjects. By using machine learning / artificial intelligence algorithms, these features were further calculated for capturing individual cognition according to related brain networks. This biological index could be a potential marker for evaluating individual brain health, cognitive functions,risk for neurodegenerative diseases.
    • 肝癌治療成效追蹤與術後復發預測輔助系統

      FutureTech 肝癌治療成效追蹤與術後復發預測輔助系統

      "The primary goal of this project is to establish a complete hospital-based liver cancer database, profiles for data feature extraction,develop different cancer, prediction models. A Medical AI program to predict the poster treatment (including operationradiofrequency ablation) recurrence of liver cancer will be established. The program system will assist doctors in the medical decision, identify high-risk patients,adjust clinical follow-up programs."
    • AIoT smart aquaculture management systems

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech AIoT smart aquaculture management systems

      Our team construct an AIoT smart aquaculture management system. The management system mainly consists of: (1) Image Behavior MonitoringAnalysis Subsystem (2) Smart Feeding Subsystem (3) IOT Subsystem including underwater sensors, ROV,Drone (4) Cloud Subsystem (5) Big Data Analysis Subsystem.
    • 人工智能十二導程心電圖偵測心衰竭

      FutureTech 人工智能十二導程心電圖偵測心衰竭

      This Artificial Intelligence model interprets 12-lead electrocardiograms of adults to diagnose heart failure accuratelyefficiently. It is a fabulous heart failure screening tool that can detect more asymptomatic patients. Our goal is to help patients get early treatmentprevent disease deterioration.
    • Ted-ICU AI Platform

      AI & IOT Application FutureTech Ted-ICU AI Platform

      Ted-ICU AI Platform: (1)Provide a single view of patients' EMRsvital signs (2)Support remote ICU monitoring (3)Online labeling tool & Expandable AI algorithms repository (4)Disease-specific prediction models (5)Standardized EMR templates
    • 應用作物生理指標建立需水超前預警系統

      FutureTech 應用作物生理指標建立需水超前預警系統

      This technique uses Tainan 11 (TN11), which occupies about 70 of the rice planting area in Taiwan. Building the early watering warning system of crops by combining the physiological indicators of rice with environmental dataartificial intelligence technology. The system can analyzepredict the impending water shortage for rice in advanceissue drought warning immediately. Therefore, decision makers can give the timelyappropriate amount for rice irrigationimprove the efficiency of using waterreducing the cost of farmersfarming losses.
    • 心包膜/主動脈分割及心血管風險自動分析一站式AI模型(HeaortaNet)

      FutureTech 心包膜/主動脈分割及心血管風險自動分析一站式AI模型(HeaortaNet)

      The HeaortaNet is developed by the TW-CVAI team. The HeaortaNet is a deep learning model trained by 70,000 axial images from 200 patients with verified annotations of the pericardiumaorta. It shortens the time for data processing from 60 minutes, by manual segmentation of both pericardiumaorta, to 0.4 seconds. The segmentation accuracy, as assessed by dice similarity coefficient, is 94.8 for the pericardium,91.6 for the aorta. The imaging-based Cardiovascular Risk Prediction module was constructed by analyzing data from the National Health Insurance Databank.
    • AI農情調查之UAV群眾協作平台

      FutureTech AI農情調查之UAV群眾協作平台

      "The Crowdsourcing UAV Platform for AI Agricultural Survey(AIAS) provides automatic mosaicing serviceis equipped with four breakthrough technologies, including (1)massive images gridㄒding, (2)parallel computing technology, (3)UAV task specification standardization,(4)UAV task matchmaking. AIAS platform is committed to creating aerial UBER crowdsourcing services in various aspects, such as (1)crop distribution surveys, (2)large-scale lodging surveys, (3)agricultural insurance investigation, (4)surveys on illegal use of farmland,(5)surveys on the subsidy of fallow."
    • 未來餐廳 - 智能技術體驗場域

      FutureTech 未來餐廳 - 智能技術體驗場域

      In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants have been closed for maintaining anti-epidemic measures. NCHC combined multiple AI technologiesdeveloped an automated service experience to provide a way for people to still enjoy the services received at restaurants while maintaining social distancing. To achieve this, we've incorporated technologies including the following: NLP in AI, Cloud-Based Smart Point Cloud Processing (CSPCP), method for face searching in images, intelligent video analysisretrieval,artificial intelligence of things (AIoT).
    • 圖機器學習高回報率金融商品推薦技術

      FutureTech 圖機器學習高回報率金融商品推薦技術

      In the context of FinTech, we present Financial Graph Attention Networks (FinGAT) to recommend high-profitable stocks in terms of return ratio using time series of stock pricessector info. Our FinGAT can learn the long-short-term price tendency,model the latent interactionsinfluence between stockssectors without any hand-crafted effort. Experiments conducted on Taiwan Stock, S&P 500,NASDAQ stock markets exhibit remarkable accuracy of FinGAT, comparing to state-of-the-arts (by 11, 14,12 performance improvement). The tech is published in IEEE TKDE 2021.
    • Intelligent Scalp Detection System

      Precision Health Ecosystem FutureTech Intelligent Scalp Detection System

      This system uses the innovative AIoT application to target annoying scalp maintenance problemsdevelops an intelligent scalp detectionmanagement system. The core of the technology is to use deep learning-based object detection models. Tens of thousands of microscopic image data sets that are labeledtrained for scalp symptoms. As a result, the scalp image recognition module is develop, such as dandruff, hair loss, oil, and inflammation, etc. Hence this system can provide scalp detection, and maintenance effectiveness tracking functions lead scalp maintenance services to a new level of intelligent management.
    • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening System

      Bio-tech & New Drugs FutureTech Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening System

      In Taiwan, there are almost 96 million people look for medical treatment due to diabetes. The project successfully used the infrared light measurement system to observe the differences between the bilateral feet,collocating with the Chaos Synchronization to measure the differences between different signals, to decrease the probability of the attendance as the ultimate objective .
    • 智能手術壓力偵測系統

      FutureTech 智能手術壓力偵測系統

      This technology develops an intelligent surgical pressure detection system, including a pressure sensing element embedded in a surgical cotton pad, a signal reading device,a big data analysis database. The measurement data can be transferred to the AI big data database. Using AI technology, the surgeon's force can be recognized in real timethe calculation result can be immediately returned to the system APP. Let the surgeon who performs the operation get the most real-time information, which can avoid organ damage during the operation,effectively protect the safety of patientsthe rights of physicians.