Technical Name 非破壞式太赫茲深度學習電腦斷層攝影系統
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 楊尚樺
We invented a non-destructive terahertz (THz) deep-learning computed tomography system based on time-domain spectroscopy. In the method, THz time-domain signals are profiled. Multiple features are retrieved from those profiles by a trained modeltransformed to the spatial domain to reconstruct a cross-sectional tomographic image. We have also invented a 3D THz tomographic system based on multi-scale spatio-spectral feature fusion in a multi-scale manner.  We believe our work will stimulate further applicable research of THz tomographic imaging with advanced computer vision techniques.
Scientific Breakthrough
We invented a non-destructive terahertz deep-learning tomography system based on plasmonic THz photoconductive antennas. Under a low optical pump power of 1.4mW, we experimentally demonstrate 105W broadband terahertz radiation in 0.1-2 THz frequency range. To improve the spatialcontrast resolution, we invented time domain spectroscopy deep learning model to achieve near 100 spatialfrequency data utility ratebetter spatial resolution. Compared to the conventional algorithm based on spatial information, the model has achieved 46.7 better in the mean square error index.
Industrial Applicability
With the advancement of medical technology, countries are gradually entering an aging society. As a result, the demand for medical care for agingchronic diseases is increasing progressively, driving the growth of the global medical equipment market. Terahertz technology is very suitable for the high-end imaging medical material industry because of its non-invasive, non-destructive, non-ionizing, material-classification. By combining the terahertz technology with industries, we can upgrade traditional industries, train outstanding talents,attract foreign capital.
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Keyword Terahertz Deep Learning Computer Vision Non-invasive Evaluation Image Processing Electromagnetic Wave Bio-medical Imaging Computed Tomography Defect Inspection Industrial Inspection
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