Technical Name 鎦-177奈米金星: 新式核醫奈米診療材料藥物之研發
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 吳駿一
Summary Nanopharmaterial is a term by combining pharmaceuticalmaterial via nanotechnology. Here we demonstrate this concept by developing a novel nanopharmaterial, so called 177Lu-Gold nanostar (AuNS). 177Lu is a therapeutic radionuclide emitting moderate-energy beta particles as well as gamma rays for SPECT/CT-based imaging diagnosis. Nanostar can target tumors by enhanced permeability retention (EPR) effectsowns the photothermal therapeutic potent. The core technology is to integrate radionuclidenanomaterial to perform a new radio-nanopharmaterial for tumor target theranostic purpose.
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Scientific Breakthrough Preparation of 177Lu-Gold nanostar is the core technology here. This radio-nanopharmaterial can combine with laser photothermal therapy to enhance the therapeutic efficacy, as Gold nanostar is not only a carrier but a therapeutic entity. Conjugation of 177LuGold nanostar is through DTPA chelator, a simple but biocompatible bridging method. Furthermore, 177Lu-Gold nanostar can be applied to tumor using brachytherapy. It guarantees a high accumulation of this radio-nanopharmateriallow systemic toxicity. This multi-modality theranostic approach will be important for precise medicine.
Industrial Applicability 177Lu-Gold nanostar is essentially to demonstrate the concept of radio-nanopharmaterial. We expect to develop more novel radionuclides labeled nanopharmaterial in the future. Conventionally, nuclear medicine is important for diagnosistherapy in clinics. Hence, current techniques mainly contribute to the application field of biomedicine, specifically on the cancerous patients. However, we also anticipate to develop different types of 177Lu-Gold nanostars based on the biomarkers of various human diseases to broaden the application of this radio-nanopharmaterial.
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword 177Lu-Gold nanostar Theranostic Medicine Nanotachnology Nuclear Medicine Head and Neck Cancer Tumor and Cancer Biology Medical Imaging Radiotherapy Laser Photothermal Therapy Multi-modality Molecular Imaging
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