Technical Name 動態水基氣泡膜產生裝置及其於淨零碳排潔淨能源生產之應用
Project Operator Chung Shan Medical University
Project Host 曾惠馨
Summary The device realizes that water is used as the membrane solution,can continuously produce a dynamic liquid bubble membrane with separation characteristics for gas/vaport separation,can produce high-purity oxygenmethane gas for high-pressure oxygenclean energy production.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough Here we demonstrate proof of concept on the design of a new type of liquid membrane so called \"dynamic bubble membrane” (DBM) connected by Plateau borders (Plateau's laws). The DBM is composed of a network of bubbles, in which the bubble is created by surfactantwater-insoluble gas. To the best of our knowledge, this type of a bubble membrane has not been described in the previously literature due to lacking of a generation device.
Industrial Applicability The CO2 gas permeability of the dynamic bubble membrane is estimated as 1771.4 Barrer,the separation factor for CO2/CH4CO2/O2 gas mixture were 24.419.8, respectively, that achieved the highest gas fluxnear theoretical gas diffusion/solubility-selectivity of water. This innovative DBM generation device using water as membrane solution is highly attractivepromising for designing a green, low costhighly efficient gas/vapor separation membrane technology. The DBM device can be applied for carbon capture, clean energyhigh-pressure oxygen production.
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword water-based membrane dynamic bubble membrane gas separation device carbon capture clean energy nature gas mining;; high-pressure oxygen carbon dioxide removal medical device desulfurization
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