Technical Name 草蝦種原培育暨草蝦商業化種原擴增場域整合營運
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 羅竹芳
Summary The Center has established a high biological conservation center for the breeding of P. monodon shrimp seeds that meet international standards,has integrated more than 40 professional technologies to select P. monodon shrimp strains that are specific pathogens free (SPF)have special traits for stocking in the three-hectare commercial P. monodon shrimp seed expansion test site in Hualien. This will provide a stable supply of good P. monodon shrimp seeds for use by the Taiwan aquaculture industry.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough P. monodon shrimp breeding is an extremely difficultimportant issue in global aquaculture. Our Center's global breakthrough is the establishment of indoor, completed, breeding of P. monodon shrimpthe production of specific pathogen free (SPF) P. monodon shrimp, as well as the actual mass production of P. monodon shrimp in the commercial P. monodon shrimp breeding expansion trials. Our Center has integrated more than 40 key technologies across multiple fields, enabling the Center to continue to expand the dominant strains of P. monodon shrimp to enable sustainable P. monodon shrimp breeding,
Industrial Applicability The global shrimp aquaculture industry has continued to flourish in the last two decadesit is one of the most competitive industries in the world, with record annual production values, estimated to exceed $60 billion USD annually in next 10 years. With the seedshigh biosecurity management strategiesfacilities provided by our Center,the establishment the cooperation with the private sector to provide fishermen with the Center's seedsfry, domestic P. monodon shrimp production may grow exponentially, from the current 200 tons per year in Taiwan to 10,000 tons per year, an increase of more than 50 times in production capacity.
Matching Needs 1.欲媒合之產業領域:綠能與環境。2.欲媒合項目:技術合作、生產製造、投資合作。
Keyword P. monodon Breeding Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Nuclear Breeding Center Nuclear Breeding Center Breeder Lock Shrimp for consumption Shrimp disease surveillance High biosecurity OIE reference laboratory
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