Technical Name 糖尿病症狀胰臟癌病患精準診斷平台
Project Operator National Taiwan University Centers of GenomicPrecision Medicine
Project Host 周綠蘋
Summary Monitoring PCDM-specific biomarkers, galectin-3S100A9, to serve as a risk assessment of pancreatic cancer on new-onset diabetes patients for early detection of PC.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough Pancreatic cancer is a highly regarded cancer type with five-year survival rate of ~5. Most of the patients were diagnosed at the late stage of the disease. The importance of our research is the discovery of two novelspecific PCDM biomarkers, galectin-3S100A9, which make a critical breakthrough toward early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
Industrial Applicability To develop high sensitivityaccuracy galectin-3S100A9 diagnostic platform for pancreatic cancer early detection in specific new-onset diabetes patients.
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword Pancreatic Cancer New-onset Diabetes Biomarker Galectin-3 S100A9 Early Detection Proteomics Precision Diagnostics Detection Kit Rapid Screening Biochip
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