Technical Name 3D數位病理影像暨AI輔助分析診斷平台
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 林彥穎
Summary 3D digital pathology imagingAI auxiliary diagnosis platform integrates 3D pathology sample preparation, high speed image scanning,intelligent software analysis into a novel system. We have collaborated with clinical pathologists to develop both 3D biopsy pathology imaging workflowthe world first 3D pathology image analysis software MetaLite, along with AI models pathology feature annotationquantitative analysis of solid tumor with high accuracy can be rapidly processed. We have transferred patented technology to start up JelloX Biotech Inc. at NTHU for further operation.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough We have built up a reliable 3D pathology imagingAI-empowered software platform in support of retrospective studies, significantly improving performance of: Morphology-based diagnosis-Tracing single prostate tumor gland in open lumens gives clear Gleason pattern 3 diagnosis, allowing rapid diagnosis with quantitative analysis Biomarker-based diagnosis-Detecting PD-L1 expression signature in NSCLC patients identifies more PD-L1+ patients Complex immunoscoring-Measuring CD3/CD8 in central tumorinvasive margin regions of breast TILs represents heterogeneity of tumor microenvironment.
Industrial Applicability JelloX Biotech Inc. devotes in breakthrough technology for precision diagnosis to solve the problems of low probability of success in drug developmentlow overall response rate of immune checkpoint inhibitor drugs such as PD-L1. We have launched the first product-3D pathology imaginganalysis service,provided customers high resolution morphologybiomarker images in 3D space. Our MetaLite software is developed as a viewer to easily annotate morphology featuresidentify cancer cells in regions of interest, quantitative characterizationdifferential biomarker profiling.
Matching Needs 1.欲媒合之產業領域:資訊與通訊、生技醫藥。2.欲媒合項目:投資合作、產品推廣及應用。
Keyword 3D Image Digital Pathology Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intelligent Software Medical Device Cloud Computing Big Data Precision Medicine Precision Health Laboratory Development Test
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