Technical Name 自主巡航水下無人載具
Project Operator National Sun Yat-Sen University
Project Host 王朝欽
Summary The developed Unmanned autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) included 3-D modeling technology, wireless power transfer between sub-system in AUV, GPS underwater locate system, low complexity frequency domain on ocean floor analyze with AI network, underwater objects detection network, image dehaze network on groundunder water, underwater color correction network, underwater objects classification network, underwater optical characteristic algorithmLED color compensation system.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough \"1. The developed AI-based underwater object recognition can identify 5 different objects at the same frame/time with 82.05 accuracy (mAP). 2. Underwater image enhancement is elevated to 7.406 over IBK= 7.199. PCQI is increased to 0.9859 higher than IBK = 0.9076. 3. AUV navigation control system performs auto-heading +/-5 degrees (IBK=10 degree), auto-depth +/-0.1 m (IBK=0.2m),auto-altitude +/-0.1 m (IBK=0.2m). 4. Databank augmentation based on 3D modeling generates images with 10 viewpoints (IBK=4)increases by 1000 times (IBK=60).\"
Industrial Applicability \"1. Resource Explorationa. Hydrological investigationunderwater explorationb. Oceanic biology researchobservationc. Underwater mineralenergy investigationd. Underwater archeology e. Underwater bathymetryseabed profiling2. IndustryAquaculturea. Off-shore wind farm seabed investigationb. Underwater cable inspectionc. Marine aquaculturefarmingd. Underwater rescuee. Underwater environment monitoring 3. MilitaryDefensea. Military object detectionpositioningb. Underwater mine huntingsweepingc. Harbor securityd. Torpedo detection\"
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword Unmanned vehicle, Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Artificial intelligence (AI) 3D modeling Underwater image enhancement and defogging Underwater positioning Underwater navigation Underwater object recognition and tracking BMS monitoring High-efficiency power conversion
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