Technical Name 運用合成抗體庫發展治療與診斷人類疾病用抗體的抗體技術平台
Project Operator An-Suei Yang Laboratory
Project Host 楊安綏
We provide antibody-based solutions to human diseases with short development course at low cost, are based on the phage-displayed GH (Generic Human) synthetic antibody libraries designedconstructed with enabling approaches, leading to the throughput capacities to uplift the innovativenessproductivity in developing antibody therapeuticsdiagnostics. In conjunction with the core technologies, antibody bioinformatics capable of extracting knowledge from big data of human antibody repertoires is used to elucidate human antibody responsesto assist antibody library design.
Scientific Breakthrough
We use computational tools to design synthetic antibody libraries to be selectedscreened with phage display system for novel antibodies useful in biomedical applications. This core technology is not only supplementary to animal-based antibody discovery technologies, it also serves as an innovative technical platform for low costhigh volume discoveries of novel anti-protein antibodies that cannot be easily derived from conventional animal-based monoclonal antibody technologies. The platform also supports antibody-drug conjugates development
Industrial Applicability
We have demonstrated our capabilities in developing antibody-based diagnosticstherapeutics. Over ten Taiwan biotech companies have licensed antibodies materials from the platform. The overall income through the antibody licensingmaterial transfer agreements are over thirty million NTD. In addition, there are two COVID-19 antigen rapid test kitstwo COVID-19 antibody rapid test kits that have been approved by Taiwan FoodDrug Administration. Thus, we anticipate that the technological platform can facilitate building a uniquely competitive antibody-based biotech industry.
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Keyword enzyme linked immunosobent assay lateral flow immunoassay phage display synthetic antibody library influenza virus African swine fever virus coronavirus antibody therapeutics antibody-drug conjugate immunotherapy
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