Technical Name Lithium battery energy storage system development and new generation of solid-state battery materials
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 吳茂昆
The next generation of lithium-ion battery materials must have characteristics of high specific capacity, high power, and reasonable price for applications. Our work has achieved breakthrough results in the lithium excess non-stoichiometric material and found that it can operate at a high voltage of 4.6V. Moreover, the specific capacity of this new lithium-ion battery cathode material is greater than 200 mAh/g.
Scientific Breakthrough
Voltage fade is the main reason for decreasing the energy output of lithium-rich cathode materials to unacceptable levels too early in cycling. However, we modify the band structure accordingly to improve this phenomenon. A 60 mAh pouch cell was utilized in testing the efficiency of the material apart from the preliminary tests carried out in the form of coin cells. A 205 mAh/g reversible discharge capacity was attainable with more than 85% capacity retention after 400 cycles of charge/discharge.
Industrial Applicability
The development of large cell technology has greatly reduced the difficulty and cost of the battery management system. In addition, it can cooperate with local raw material suppliers to produce the required raw materials.
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