Technical Name Climate Traveler
Project Operator National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
Project Host 陳永明
Summary The Climate Change Division will set up a system that allows the users to select his/her area of residence. By reading the inputted location, the system will then automatically access the climate change database and transfigure the projected data of the year 2050 to readable climate conditions of the location chosen by the user. Such information will be presented in a form of a postcard; users can take a profile photo on the spot to customize it into a personal “Postcard from the Future,” allowing the user to feel closer to the climate change reality that we are now facing.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough To homogenize and grid the data from more than 1,900 observation stations across Taiwan for nearly 60 years data set, and recieve the global climate models data which have resolution over 100 kilometers, through numerical and statistical simulation and calculations, establish 4,800 grids across Taiwan with a resolution of 5 kilometers data. These can not only present the climate change information of Taiwan’s villages and towns from the past 60 years to the end of the century, but also provide various fields with the use of this data for impact assessment and application of climate change in detail spatial.
Industrial Applicability Private sectors can use the projected climate change data in evaluating the potential impact of climate change to different industries, therefore constructing a more thorough adaptation strategy in avoiding future loss.
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Keyword NCDR disaster Reduction climate change
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