Technical Name 先進工業4.0關鍵技術展示:工具機智慧製造技術整合場域、3D列印設計系統、AI摩擦攪拌銲接專家系統
Project Operator Advanced institute of manufacturing with high-tech innovations
Project Host 劉德騏
Summary 1. Demonstrate Virtual Manufacturing/AR/VR technology, integrate product designprocess planning processes (simultaneous engineering).2. 3D printing design system: Utillized Rhinos built-in calculation editor Grasshopperinfinite element method to generate complex lattice microstructures. The lattices model could directly transfer to all types additive manufacturing machine to fabricate the designs, allowing for rapid prototypinglattices shapes iteration.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough 1. Through the virtual processing analysis of the virtual HA500II four-axis machine toolthe CT350 five-axis machine tool, many product processdesign problems can be observed with various viewpoints in the virtual simulation, effectively shortening the development cycle of new processes.2. The big data prediction systemsoftware developed by the 3D printing design system can fast calculate the mechanical propertiescharacteristics of the complex lattice design structure after the 3D printing process.3. The welding history record also makes the product traceable. The life of welding tools can be predicted by accumulating enough data. The AI expert system of friction stir welding manufacturing can save substantial cost of productionmanagement.
Industrial Applicability 1. Virtual manufacturing can assist the manufacturing industry in product developmentplant planning more efficiently.2. The mechanical properties of the novel lattice design microstructure developed by 3D printing software can be used in robotics, aeronautics, biomedicine, sports protectionother fields.3. The AI expert system for friction stir welding process can cover the shortage of technologymanpower,optimize the welding parameters so as to speed up the application of the FSW process. The more recent application of FSW had penetrated into the semiconductorprivate industry. Especially for the aluminumcopper light metal, the corresponding product has high additional value.
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