Technical Name Blowing type of Ketone gas sensor applied in healthy care
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories
Project Host 薛漢鼎研究員
Summary This technology is used micro-electro-mechanical systems combined nanomaterials and micro-heater systems, because the interdisciplinary integrated manufacturing technologies are used to make miniaturized sensor elements, which are equipped with bluetooth functions of algorithms and detection devices to monitor the ketones gas concentration during patient breathing applied in healthy care.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough The gas sensor has the function of monitoring abnormal fuctionanl metabolis. This non-invasive home detection instrument can avoid the pain of traditional needle sticks. Moreover, the device is simple operation and rapid detection. Portable sensor makes home care much convenient, because non-intrusive detection is not common in recent commercial sensors. Also, the MEMS manufacturing technology can miniaturize the dimension of sensing devices, and thus, it is much suitable for the application of consumer electronic products.
Industrial Applicability This non-invasive detection method can more conveniently monitor the diabetic patients metabolic status, because the ketone gas is a biological symbol for the breathing of diabetic patients. In addition, used micro-electromechanical manufacturing technology, the sensor devices can be applied healthy care of home care detection instrument to facilitate patient numerical monitoring .
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