Technical Name Portable On-site Earthquake Early Warning System
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories
Project Host 林沛暘組長
Summary NCREE combined on-site and regional EEW to provide the hybrid EEW for the industries. As results, the fast and accurate earthquake warning message can be provided to the industry with low cost (No cost for the EEW hardware, only the receiver and disaster reduction system). Industry can combine the Hybrid EEW with their existing service and provide one more disaster service to their customer.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough \"l Detect the minor P-wave and predict PGA in 1~3s. The predict accuracy is up to 95%l It can provide 5~15s of warning time for the region with 30~100km epicenter distance.l No false alarm through the multiple backup sensor arrangement.l Reduce seismic loss by automatically disaster-reduction control (gas valve, door luck, train brake, excavation guild light, warning sound, elevator stop)\"
Industrial Applicability \"Security industry: EEW warning, disaster reduction control, to reduce the seismic loss of the customers.Smart home devices: EEW warning, disaster reduction control with the existing IOT devices.Insurance: provide EEW, disaster prevention services to customers to reduce the seismic loss.Telecommunications: provide EEW and extra disaster prevention services through the existing channel.\"
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