Technical Name Intelligent Multi-wavelength Lighting System
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories
Project Host 高健薰研究員兼任副主任
An intelligent multi-wavelength lighting system was developed and the wavelength and brightness of the lighting system can be adjusted for clinical use by physicians. It is also equipped with several functions such as reminder of lighting, parameter records of use time, lighting brightness and wavelengths. The systems could help the patients adjust the physiological parameters based on the deployment of lighting system. The using lighting parameters would upload to the data base in cloud, and which can compare with the psychological evaluation parameters for treatment physical impact analysis in hospital. With the lighting system, the problem such as poor sleep quality can be greatly improved, and the occurrence probability of mild cognitive impairment and dementia can be deferred.
Scientific Breakthrough
The intelligent lighting system integrates multi-wavelength smart control technology, sensors and IoT technique. This system has R, G, B, W light sources for insomnia adjustment by professional physicians, and can adjust the wavelength and intensity of the light source. It also has a record of the time and frequency of use, which can be used as an evaluation by the doctor to evaluate the completeness and efficacy of the patient. The advanced technology of phototherapy has been successfully realized to solve the sleep problems of patients with sleep disorders and early dementia, achieving the goal of health care and preventive medicine aims.
Industrial Applicability
Through the integration of multi-wavelength intelligent lighting control equipment and the IoT technology, the innovative concept is proposed to intelligently adjust the lighting to improve the sleep of early dementia and mild cognitive impairment group and construct a healthy home environment. Connected to the Internet and using the big data analysis to optimize the distribution of lighting parameters in the home environment. Through the integration of different technologies, it promotes the improvement of sleep and health care of the testers. This technology will effectively enhance the health value benefits of the photoelectric LED industry and add value for health care and clinical phototherapy industry.
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Keyword Multi wavelength light sources sleep disorders mild cognitive impairment dementia precision medicine preventive medicine Internet of Things
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