Technical Name Using Herbmedotcin technology to solve the antibiotic abuse problem
Project Operator National Taiwan Ocean University
Project Host 林翰佳
Summary The \"Herbmedotcin\" technology platform is a major breakthrough in the several thousand years history of herbal medicine knowledge. Use patented technology to find potential natural functional molecules, with appropriate additivesoptimal processing conditions, to achieve a significant increase in their efficacy. This technology is also known as \"molecular herbology\". They h
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Scientific Breakthrough The \"Herbmedotcin\" technology has opened up a whole new field of therapeutic charcoal materials. With the selection of materials, matching of appropriate additivesthe most suitable processing method, it can concentrate natural bioactive ingredients on the surface of tiny carbon particles. It produce materials with enhanced antibacterial ability, while maintain their mildnon-tox
Industrial Applicability The \"Herbmedotcin\" technology is applied to develop \"food grade\" antibacterialantiviral agents, which are not only safe for humans/animals but also has extremely high efficacy. Our products are the best animal antibiotic alternatives on the market. This technology has been licensedcommercialized. Many products, which are actually sold in aquaculture, livestock,co
Keyword Antibiotic alternatives, Chinese herbal medicine aquaculture poultry cosmetics antivirus superbacteria carbon nanomaterials food grade intestinal microbiota balance
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