Technical Name A composite ultrasound medical device for microbubble vaccinesthe sputtering lysozyme microbubble for trachea therapy
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 廖愛禾
Summary Our present invention firstly provides a new ultrasound (US)-multifunctional microbubble (MB) which can be applied to a topical region of the body surface of organisms by applyingsputtering, instead of using injection. Some interesting topics have been explored: 1. US-aided MBs facilitate the delivery of drugs to the inner ear via the transcanal method, 2. drug-carrying modified MB combine wit
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough This universal theranostic MB could be widely used in headneck disease, to help strengthen the absorption of drugs. We also explores a series of drug-carrying modified MB combine with a new designed device connected to ultrasound (US) system for the application of systemic treatmentlocal treatment. This invention is further designed as a composite medical material for MBs vaccines. The f
Industrial Applicability Our present project firstly provides a new external type MB which can be applied to a topical region of the body surface of organisms by applying, instead of using injection. This external type MB may employ a medium, either aqueousa gel form,contain MBs of a specific particle sizeat a specific concentration. The material of the MBs may be albumin, liposomes, polymers, copolymers
Keyword Ultrasound Microbubble Vaccines Transdermal drug delivery pneumonia medical cosmetology hair growth arthritis cancer therapy
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