Technical Name AS2 3D
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 林宗翰
We developed a Multiview 3D capturing system based on camera array for generating stereoscopic 3D printing. Based on the framework, we are capable to create well aligned 3D contentcalibrated color images. The depth perception of content can be manually adjusted for preview,for generating quality 3D stereoscopic printing.
Scientific Breakthrough
This proposal discloses a multi-view stereoscopic camera system by integrating the softwarehardware technologies for camera array. It involves several essential methodologies including camera color calibration, camera synchronization, 3D calibration el. al,optimization of perception disparity. We make the system as simple as taking photos as commercial cameras to generate multi-view ster
Industrial Applicability
This solution is suitable for high quality wedding photography, family photography, advertising portrait photography,3D stereoscopic printing. It integrates all eco-system including photo studio, logistics, printing company, information manager system.
Keyword autostereoscopic 3D display stereoscopy images stereoscopy printing stereoscopic display lenticular lens camera array multiview images bullet time wedding photography family photography
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