Technical Name SS-MRAM: A superlattice based STT-MRAM with extra-high performance
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 薛文証
Summary SS-MRAM is a superlattice based magnetoresistive RAM, in which the barrier is made of superlattice to replace crystal MgO (001). The superlattice is a high spin polarization artificial metamaterial, which is composed of stable insulatormetal materials. Compared with the current STT-MRAM, SS-MRAM has the advantages of low readingwriting power consumption, fast readingwriting speed, s
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough We propose an SS-MRAM that uses superlattice materials as the barrier to replace current crystal MgO(001). The superlattices is artificial supermaterial, which is composed of stable insulatormetal materials. Higher electron spin polarization efficiency can be provided by the superlattice than current MgO used in MRAM. Compared with STT-MRAM, SS-MRAM has the advantages of low power consumption
Industrial Applicability SS-MRAM can be formed as embeddedstand-alone memory. SS-MRAM can be applied in the fields of internet of things, microcontrollers, machine learningartificial intelligence, energy, medical, automotive, aerospace, smart factories, automation,industrial machine control. Due to high performanceless weakness, SS-MRAM can be used to replace traditional Toggle MRAMSTT-MRAM. Moreo
Keyword Random Access Memory RAM MRAM STT-MRAM high performance memory SS-MRAM superlattice based MRAM next-generation memory SL-STT-MRAM
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