Technical Name Fast Beam CalibrationForming for Phased Arras of Antennas at Millimeter Wave Frequencies for 5G/B5G Applications
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 周錫增
Summary Active phased arrays of antennas suffer from fabrication discrepancy at mmW frequencies for 5G/B5G. To accelerate the piece-by-piece calibration procedure, a bottleneck to cause high fabrication cost, a highly efficient electronic-scan based technique is developed. By avoiding the time-consuming mechanical probing, the developed technique is particularly applicable to production line operation to
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough This technology utilizes active RF devices to calibrate the array antenna beams, which breaks through traditional iterative mechanical architecture scanning. This electronic-scan based technology can achieve unidirectional beam correction, implement a space reduction of 70,reduce the calibration time from \"hours\" to \"seconds\" Level (less than 1 of conventional mechanical
Industrial Applicability The proposed technique can be applied in various scenarios at mmW frequencies. It may simplify antenna system architecture for low power consumption at R&D stage,reduce development efforts for various RF components. At production stage, it can be applied to production lines for space-saving, cost reductiongood yield rate enhancement. Combining with existing production automation flow usi
Keyword Fifth generation mobile communication low orbit satellite communications advanced driver assistance system millimeter wave frequencies phased arrays of antennas antenna beam calibration beam forming and tracking fabrication discrepancy antenna measurement production line calibration system
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