Technical Name A Badminton Training and Activities Recognition System
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University/National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Project Host 林淵翔
Summary The system consists of a racket sensor, a smartphone App, and the IoT shuttlecock serving machines. Data of the 3-axis inertial sensor will be sent to the smartphone via Bluetooth for analysis. The App can recognize 7 stroke activities, including clear, cut, drive, lob, rush, net play, and smash using machine learning algorithms, while the speed, force, and stroke times are recorded at the same time. The App also enables the user to set parameters of the serving machines for assigning shot placements and serving schedules.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough The IoT-based shuttlecock serving machine is a breakthrough innovation. Controlling multiple shuttlecock serving machines at the same time diversifies the shuttlecock serving paths, increases the coverage of the court, and solves the problem of too low launching frequency of using single shuttlecock serving machine. Therefore, the system is suitable for top players’ training. In addition, the combination of the sensor and the IoT serving machines allows interactive training in an innovative way. This new architecture would have a wide range of applications in scientific and diverse badminton training.
Industrial Applicability With the innovative design, the system are suitable for badminton players at different levels and can assist the coaches in training the players. This training system features connecting multiple shuttlecock serving machines, which diversifies serving paths and shortens shooting intervals to simulate the process of real playing. In addition, the users can get customized feedback and interaction according to their own habits. The system can be placed in sport centers for training or used for personal practice.
Matching Needs Industry-University Cooperation, Technology Licensing
Keyword Racket sensor IoT shuttlecock serving machine badminton training smartphone app
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