Technical Name A Novel “Platform Technology” in Surgical Hemostasis
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 黃博浩
Summary A novel “Platform Technology” in surgical hemostasis, based on biodegradable polyurethane particles with anti-inflammatory and nerve repair, not only accelerates wound healing but also provides solutions for hemostasis during surgery, and improve biocompatibility and adverse of commercially hemostats to achieve the best patient care. Our first product is aimed to provide a hemostatic agent, use on the bleeding surface and deep, with additional functions to surgeons, which allows customers to shorten the operation time, reduce stay in the hospital, and reduce the chance of secondary surgery.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough The novel “Platform Technology” in surgical hemostasis is composited in degradable polyurethane particles and other polymers. It not only has hemostasis but also has wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-adhesion, and nerve repair potentials. According to product purposes, it is formulated in different proportions, such as hemostats and anti-adhesion barriers in surgical, dressings for diabetes and burn, or nerve repair products, providing multiple options for added value in surgical operations and wound care.
Industrial Applicability The global wound care market is expected to expand from US$27.8 billion in 2019 to US$35 billion by 2025, and GRAS is 3.7%. In clinical medicine, wound care is not a disease, but in many cases, it will cause wounds, such as patients with general surgery, diabetes, and burns, etc., and wound care is required. The novel “Platform Technology” in surgical hemostasis with multiple values could be able to produce different forms of products (such as gel, film, or foam) for different functional requirements and product markets. It will be used in hemostats, anti-adhesion, high-end dressing, or nerve repair products for surgical operations, burns, and traumatic wounds or nerve injuries to provide better care and life for patients.
Keyword Wound Care Biosurgery Technology Platform Polyurethane Hemostats Wound Healing Anti-inflammatory Anti-adhesion Neuro-protection Neuro-regeneration
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