Technical Name Highly Efficient Quantum Key Distribution
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 牟中瑜(總主持人)/褚志崧(計畫主持人)
Summary Quantum key distribution exploits the transmissiondetection of single photons’ quantum states to generatedistribute secure keys, allowing absolutely secure communication. We use a self-developed miniature single-photon source, together with the single-photon wavepacket engineering, to implement a highly efficient protocol of differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution. Using the Ca
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough Current quantum key distribution suffer from the low efficiency of creating a key bit from a photon. The key creation efficiency is determined, in good part, by the quantum efficiency of single-photon detectors. Our self-developed miniature single-photon source uses monolithic doubly resonant parametric down-conversion to prolong the coherence time of the single photons. Together with the single-p
Industrial Applicability Quantum key distribution allows the users with the keys to implement the uncrackable symmetric key algorithmsabsolutely secure communication. The technology not only can replace the need of key distribution by courier but also benefits the development of distance unlimited absolutely secure communication networks for the commercialmilitary uses by the government, corporations,militar
Keyword Quantum Communication Quantum Key Distribution Single photon source Entangled photon Differential Phase Shift Quantum Key Distribution Single-photon wavepacket engineering Secure communication Key creation efficiency Quantum efficiency Quantum teleportation
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