Technical Name Digital self-injection-locked ultrasonic Doppler radar for accurate non-contact vital sign monitoring
Project Operator National Sun Yat-Sen University
Project Host 洪子聖
A highly sensitivelinear ultrasonic radar was realized using digital self-injection-locking (SIL) technique. It can remotely monitor the vital signs of a human in motion, which will be demonstrated in this expo by upgrading a low-cost ultrasonic radar for reverse parking to support high-value telemedical applications. In the future it will further combine phased-array technology to implement non-contact 4D ultrasound system, which will bring disruptive innovation to medical technologies.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The present self-injection-locked (SIL) radars use the centimeter-wave signal because it must operate under the condition that the range of physicalphysiological movements is much less than the wavelength to avoid the nonlinear distortion phenomenon. This invention resolves the nonlinear distortion problem by digitalizing the SIL mechanismhas been successfully applied to the SIL radar using a millimeter ultrasonic wave. The breakthroughs are:
1) The SIL mechanism was digitalized for the first time to make Doppler sensing technology no longer limited by the signal wavelength.
2) The all-digital Doppler radar was realized for the first time for non-contact monitoring of vital signs.
3) The ultrasonic radar was realized for the first time for non-contact monitoring of vital signs.
Industrial Applicability
This system uses the second-generation SIL radar technology, which is a digital solution. Compared with the first-generation analog products, it has the following advantages: 1. No RF circuit components are used, so the hardware power consumption, volumecost are largely reduced. 2. The use of ultrasound rather than EM wave has no limitation to spectral availabilitycan greatly improve sensing sensitivityresolution because of micro- to milli-meter wavelength range. 3. The use of digital technology can effectively resolve distortion issue so as to make this system achieve comparable sensing accuracy to wearable devices. 4. Ultrasound can enter the body for medical inspection such as organ monitoring.
Matching Needs
1) Companies that provide hospitalshealthcare institutes with non-contact solution to pandemic prevention
2) Companies that provide sensors to collect vital sign data for internet of medical things applications
3) Companies that provide telemedicine equipment
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