Technical Name A Transparent Deployment Solution for 4G/5G Edge Computing Platform
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 林盈達
Summary We design/implement a transparent deployment solution for 4G/5G MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) platforms. The solution is standard-compliantdoes not require any changes on 4G/5G base stationcore network. Its MEC deployment is just plug-and-play. It contains five major components to gracefully interact with cellular protocols : ARP proxy, MEC packet gateway, GTP states tracking module,
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Scientific Breakthrough The transparent deployment solution developed by us is the first technique that is not only standard-compliant but also transparent in the world, to the best of our knowledge. To deploy an MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) platform in 4G/5G cellular networks, the transparent solution does not require any major changesspecific configurations on base stations, core networks,user devices. Ou
Industrial Applicability The MEC deployment solution can benefit both industrial computernetworking communication industries. Cellular network equipment market has been monopolized by few international companies. The solution provides other companies with an opportunity to join the market, since it can deploy MEC platforms without any support from original cellular vendors. It can be applied to three major scenarios.
Keyword Edge computing Cellular network MEC Mobile network Virtualization Mobile communication 4G 5G Disaster network platform Low latency
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