Technical Name Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles
Project Operator Nat'l Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 邱煌仁
This technology mainly uses magnetic resonance wireless energy transmission technology to effectively improve the non-contact charging efficiency.
Scientific Breakthrough
Moremore portable electronics devices adopt wireless power transfer technology that allow them to be recharged without the trouble of plugging in. Wireless chargers for EVs are also being developed. High power WPT technology can be used on electric vehicles, drones, unmanned shipAGV to solve the inconveniencesafety issues of the conventional high power charging system.
Industrial Applicability
The conventional plug in charging may pose a potential risk of electric shock to users if connectors are pluggedunplugged in a high humidityrainy environment. Other issue that may affect their reliability includes insulation wearoxidation/corrosion of metal contacts. The use of wireless charging techniques can eliminate these concerns. The technology can be used on electric vehicles, 
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