Technical Name In-situ Large-scale X-ray Mirror Measurement Technology
Project Operator National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Project Host 林上為
Summary The long trace profiler (LTP) can be used to measure the figureintermediate frequency roughness of an X-ray mirror. The measurement process is accurate, high-speednon-contact. The radius of curvature for the measurement may be ranged from a value from 5 m to infinity, such that the surface profile feature can be measured in the range with a longitudinal resolution of 0.15 nm.
Scientific Breakthrough A large-scale X-ray mirror measurement was carried out on an active spectrometeran active spectrograph for TPS 41A1 of Taiwan Photon Source to observe the variation with a raise of 10 nm for active grating after heating. The slope error of the grating mirror after being heated is corrected instantly on beamlines, so that there can be a 25,000 of resolving power for a photon energy of 510 eV.
Industrial Applicability Optical measurementdesign capabilities of NSRRCmanufacturing capacity of domestic vendors are integrated, as well as technical applications of domestic vendors are developeda variety of customizedhigh-value X-ray optical products are designed & developedfabricated domestically, which, for example, can be used to measure mirror fabricationinstallation result.
Keyword Long trace profiler. Metrology of X-ray optics Optical polishing Optical coating Low distortion vacuum window Active grating monochromators Active grating Spectrometer
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