Technical Name Analysis of Virus Structure of White Tail Disease for Shrimps
Project Operator National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Project Host 陳乃齊
Summary With the use of E. coli expression system, capsid protein assembly in vitro, X-ray photoprotein crystallographycryo-electron microscope, the T=3 capsid structure of white tail disease viruses for shrimps has been resolved successfully, such that an entire model for capsid structure of virus could be provideda mechanism for viral assemblyinfection could be understood.
Scientific Breakthrough With the most advanced cryo-EM instrument, together with TLS, TPS of National Synchrotron Radiation Research CenterSPring-8 of Japan, T=3 shrimp nodavirus capsid structure with atomic resolution has been resolved successfullyits functionality has been researchedanalyzed, such an entire model of viral capsid structure could be provided a mechanism for viral assemblyinfection.
Industrial Applicability The structural information for antiviral vaccine development will be obtained for the improvement of capacityquality of shrimp products for the competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, with the different lengths of truncated proteinfunctional regions, a antigen-carrying platform can be developed through its ability of the viral capsid assembly to improve the immune response.
Keyword X-ray diffraction cryo-EM white tail disease shrimp nodavirus virus-like particle structure-based vassine design
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