Technical Name Multilayer Cybersecurity Defense ServiceSystem Development
Project Operator National Center for High-Performance Computing
Project Host 蔡一郎
Summary 1. CDX is to provide an environment for long periods of time in coordination with school courses, including the simulation of a real company's network environment with randomly selected vulnerabilities in cyber defense contests. 2. HoneynetMalware Knowledge Base simulates systemapplication vulnerabilitiesthen monitors the cyber-attacksthe corresponding traffic flow.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. CDX environment deployment only takes 90 seconds to complete,CDX can create an exclusive isolated environment for information security researchers. Over 15 million samples of malware are provided to academic research units free of charge. 2.Malware classification searchingfiltering functions are built in Malware Knowledge Base to help users find the malware samples quickly.
Industrial Applicability 1.The CDX platform provides an environment for practical talent cultivationcreates an environment that is closest to the workplace of information security personnel. It can also be used for educational traininginformation security training in industries. 2.Malware samples can be provided to the information security industry for research, to validate malware detection mechanisms,to
Keyword Cybersecurity Hacker attack Cyber Defense Exercise(CDX) Malware Knowledge Base Honeynet Cloud Computing Security Operation Center Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Malware Analysis High Performance Computing
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