Technical Name Ultrahigh Bit-rate Lightweight X-band Communication System
Project Operator National Space Organization
Project Host 徐銘煌
Summary This technique is based on Ultrahigh Bit-rate Lightweight X-band Transceiver. Combining the satelline, user’s cell phones,the transceiver mentioned, we proposed a multi-user two-way communication system with extremely high bit-rate.
Scientific Breakthrough \"Hybrid (analog/digital) Phased Array Structure: Every module has merely one set of DACPA. Because the reducing of DACsPAs, the total power consumption is reduced.SMD Patch Antenna Array: we substitute patch antenna array for traditional big parabolic antenna for flatteningminimizing the system. We package the antenna into SMD component for easily solderingtotal weight reducin
Industrial Applicability \"Terrestrial cell antennasnetworks can be damaged by natural disasters. Satellite communication system can avoid this problembe useful during natural disasters. Besides, remote areasundeveloped land require satelline communication system most. It can help researchers, offshore fishinggeochemical exploration a lot.\"
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