Technical Name Advanced Retrievable Unmanned Space Vehicle as an Integrated Space ScienceTechnology Verification Platform – Power Mobilized CubeSat for Missions
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 趙怡欽
Summary A prototype propulsion control system for CubeSat is designed. For the demonstrationpreliminary dynamic verification of the system on earth we use four thrusters to perform the yawpitch controleach thruster provides a thrust of 600mN. The result shows that the propulsioncontrol system both have good performance.
Scientific Breakthrough The main idea of the current study is to design a HTP monopropellant propulsion attitude control system, RCS, for large CubeSatsr. The experimental results show that this system was successfully operateddemonstrated several verification control.
Industrial Applicability This system can be applied to cubic satellitesbecome a satellite propulsion subsystemmodule.
Keyword CubeSat Hydrogen peroxide Monopropellant thruster Attitude control system
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