Technical Name Research on Photo-ignition Mechanismprocess of Nano-particles by Flash Lampits Application as an Ignitor for Aerospace Propulsion
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 趙怡欽
The objective of this study is to develop a high energetic ignition powder which combines the features of nano-aluminum (nAl) powderNitrocellulose (NC)Ammonium perchlorate (AP). The study covers from the deployment of the igniter using above three materials, the research of the ignition mechanismthe application in engineering field.
Scientific Breakthrough
The aluminum powder under nano-scale has the heating effect of the electric dipole by flash light, which can increase the local temperature over 800 degrees of Celsius. The mixture with suitable oxidantfuel can make it possible as a remote flash igniter, which can be used to the ignition of the solid fuel rocket in the future.
Industrial Applicability
This system can replace the traditional ignitercan be used as the igniter of the rocket in the future.
Keyword Aluminum Nanoparticle Flash-ignition mechanism Rocket Ignition System
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