Technical Name Mobile Application for Anti-Doping & Gastroenteritis Defender
Project Operator Kaohsiung Medical University
Project Host 許美智
Summary 1. ‘Mobile Application for Anti-Doping’ containing more than 40,000 pharmaceuticals which allows athletes to check whether the pharmaceuticals are prohibited in-out-of-competition simply via typing in the product names.2. ‘Gastroenteritis Defender’ utilizes nanotechnology to enhance andrographolide oral bioavailabilitycould effectively prevent gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders.
Scientific Breakthrough 1.‘Mobile Application for Anti-Doping’ is the first mobile application in Taiwan developed for anti-doping purpose. Also, the only application includes data from Chinese herbal products in the world.2.‘Gastroenteritis Defender’ is the first andrographolide nano-formulation product which could enhance the oral bioavailability of andrographolideprevent gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders.
Industrial Applicability 1.‘Mobile Application for Anti-Doping’ has been promoted by many lecturesused for medical practices, for instance, before physicians’ prescribingduring pharmacists’ counselling.2.‘Gastroenteritis Defender’ could be further commercialized in different types. The technology has industrial applicabilitycould drive the sports industry demand for sports nutrition supplements.
Keyword Anti-Doping Sports Mobile Application Nanotechnology Andrographolide Gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders
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