Technical Name Ultrasonic toolholder module
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 陳政雄
Summary The ULTRASONIC technologythe Non-contact power transmission technology offers high qualityefficient machining for ceramicother brittle materials. Depending on the workpiece requirements, our product allows higher feedinfeed, which increases machining efficiency for at least 30, longer tool lifesignificantly better surface finishes.
Scientific Breakthrough Non-contact power transmission technology achieve high-speedhigh-stability ultrasonic processing without concerning contact material.Ultrasonic Machining Module also equips intelligent monitoring function, solving difficulties in various machining situations.The kinematic overlapping of the tool rotation with an additional oscillation effects a reduction of the process forces by up to 40 .
Industrial Applicability Ultrasonic mchining module is mainly used for advanced material processing. Which offers high qualityefficient machining for ceramicother brittle materials. Also, plug-and-play design can be easily applied to various industries. The function of dynamic tracking also solves the difficulties encountered by customers in various processing environments without the use of special-spec tools.
Keyword Ultrasonic Machining Ultrasonic Drilling Tungsten Carbide Machining Ceramic Machining Ceramic Drilling Advanced Materrial MachiningAdvanced Materrial Machining Glass Machining Mirror Machining Composite Material Machining Ultrasonic machine
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