Technical Name The high temperature managementpre-warningprevention of pestsdiseases for beef tomato production
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 盛中德
Summary This technology multiple research to integrates the developed production system of the \"smart integrated production system\". Using AI to identify pestsdiseases,identify the high temperature resistant varieties,developed Root temperature control system,using IOT to establish Big data. An adopted robot will be used to assist sprayingharvesting in the future.
Scientific Breakthrough To identify the temperature thresholds for the occurrence of long styles, it’s can to help resist the thermal stress. Develop a root temperature control system,reduce the heat stress hazard of crop. The IOT technology is used to connect the sensingcontrol subsystems,develop the pestdisease early warningAI control system,a field robot will be developed.
Industrial Applicability The establishment of intelligent technology service platform for domestic beef tomato production, farmers' agricultural enterprises can be helped to manage the production by platform. By analyzing possible pestsdiseases, to establish an early warning system. The success of this project will help domestic agricultural enterprises, these will be the target market for the export.
Keyword Beef tomato Thermal adverse environment Long stigma Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring Powdery Mildew Healthy physiological growth index Humidity deficit Intelligent decision-making system Disease and pest identification Variant application
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