Technical Name Table-top ATTO-EUV laser source
Project Operator Frontier Research Center on FundamentalApplied Sciences of Matters, National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 陳明彰
Summary Prof. Chen's research team at IPT NTHU achieved a breakthrough to build table-top coherent EUV light source. This new accessiblereliable EUV light source makes a lot of the first possibilities, enabling the dynamics of chemical reactions, nano-materialsbio-molecular systems to be studied with unprecedented temporalspatial resolution, e.g. coherent 13.5nm EUV light source for nm-scale defect inspection.
Scientific Breakthrough Chen's lab found accidently that by adjusting the aperture size of the iris they could precisely control the EUV’s bandwidthcentral wavelength. This was the breakthrough everyone had been looking for, since the simple iris actually increased the up-conversion yield of 18 nm more than one order of magnitude because of the phase mismatch between the infrared raythe converted EUV light.
Industrial Applicability EUV has been widely used in scientific research in such areas as materials, electronics, biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, geology, archeology, energy, environmental protection,micro-mechanics. Especially, EUV has been the key technology for the next generation high-volume manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The table-top EUV light source will definitely make great impacts in industries.
Keyword Table-top EUV light Ultrafast X-ray
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