Technical Name Superconducting-quantum-bit simulation chip (SC-qubit simulation chip)
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 許耀銓
Summary Superconducting qubit is the basic structure for constructing the quantum computer in the current approach. The superconducting-quantum-bit simulation chips (SC-qubit chip) that consist of 1-4 qubits are manufactured locally by domestic researchers. The SC-qubit chip is designed for simulation of artificial atoms, their mutual interactionstheir interactions with microwavesvacuum fluctuations.
Scientific Breakthrough The novelty of SC-qubit chips lies in its design which aims to use SC-qubits to amplify microwave, simulate artificial atomstheir mutual interactions. We demonstrate that when SC-qubit strongly couples with microwave, it can be used to amplify microwave with amplitude gain being 7. Furthermore, two qubits that interact with waveguide can be used to generate extra-large Lamb shift (0.8 of energy level).
Industrial Applicability The Superconducting qubit simulation chips that consist of 1-4 qubits are designed for simulation of artificial atomstheir mutual interactions. If it is further developed, it can be scaled up to have many qubitseven beyond 50 qubits in one chip so that its simulation power goes beyond that of classical computers. By that time, the simulation chips will have real industrial applications.
Keyword Superconductor Simulation Microwave Artificial atom quantum bit amplifier chip quantum computer Superconducting qubit Microwave amplifier
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