Technical Name Lead-free piezoelectric acceleration sensing system capable of monitoring unmanned vehicle behavior.
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 朱聖緣/張順志/邱瀝毅
Summary We develope ZnO:Li as lead-free piezoelectric materialssuccessfully develop lead-free piezoelectric MEMS accelerometers through MEMS process technology. Since the input signal of the SAR ADC is voltage, Therefore, the charge generated by the accelerometer must be converted into a voltage signalthen transfer to the digital code from the SAR ADC.
Scientific Breakthrough The lead-free piezoelectric material ZnO:Li(LZO) developed by our team has a piezoelectric characteristic d33 = 22.85 pm/V, which is the world's leading value. The contribution of present work is to designmanufacture of lead-free piezoelectric accelerometers with wide frequencyhigh sensitivity for unmanned vehiclessmart machine applications.
Industrial Applicability MEMS sensors are not only suitable for popular used in large number of consumer electronics industries, but also suitable for Internet of Things sensing applications in the future. The market's revenues highlights. MEMS sensors are currently the largest in the marketare still inertial sensors. They are widely used, such as industrial 4.0, IoT underlying sensing components, vehicle networkinghuman sensing applications.
Keyword SAR ADC readout circuit transconductance transresistance Piezoelectric Accelerometer MEMS Doping ZnO Sputtering
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