Technical Name Consumables-free, remote,rapid optical detection of plant pathogensDr. Lan
Project Operator National Taiwan Normal University
Project Host 謝振傑
Summary Based on the optical fluorescence of the plant, the technology distinguishes the difference of the main protein infected by virus from the normal ones with the feature light. The main difference of this technology is to omit the complicatedbiochemical-material- consumption procedures. With the establishment of big data, the artificial intelligence algorithm identifies whether the implant is.
Scientific Breakthrough The artificial intelligence algorithm based on the large data database of optical feature signal could achieve a simple, fast, economical, biochemical-consumable-free examination method. In addition, not only the disease examination but also the monitor of the plant growth could be achieved in the Internet of Things (IoT).
Industrial Applicability Hand-held with a walk,easily operation, such as farmers in the field for the large-scale inspection, the general people for the home inspection. Non-contact, non-invasive, no requirement of the pre-treatment for the test substance.The operator can be general people without special training.The operation process is as rapid as only \"3~5 seconds\".
Keyword Plant virus non-invasive non-contact optical big data artificial intelligence (AI) internet of things (IoT) orchid consumption-materials-free hand-held
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